MLB thread: Nationals win World Series....Bryce still rich

I’m going to try and go to one of the Nats WS games, probably on Saturday. I was at the game where they won the pennant and it was so much fun. The energy in that place was awesome. I’ve never been in a sporting event like that before.


Congrats Nationals…


Congrats Nationals, they beat my Astros at home and it was strong wins all series.

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Nationals are legit.
They beat our ass at home clean!!

I’ll have to give their respect.

The best thing I can say about the Astros postseason is that…at least we beat the Yankees!!! I’m :grin:


Justin Verlander is a complete chokejob.

White Sox making big moves…

Big money…to accompany big money Trout.

Smoke weed everyday…

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Boys club…

Yeah they beat them while cheating. Just like they won their WS title while cheating. LOL.

Imagine if the Nats lost and this cheating crap came out. They really need to revoke their WS title though. That’s really the only thing they can do to make it somewhat okay at this point.

And now these bamas probably had buzzers on em? Dude told his teammates not to take his jersey off cause his wife would get mad? Does anyone legit believe that?

" Wake em up when you really have some clear evidence "
Until then…

Fuck the Astros

Los Angeles really want it all…

The Pete Rose saga continues…