MLG dropping Starcraft 2 from its lineup

Sundance DiGiovanni ‏@MLGSundance 10m
Just so folks know - we are currently not planning to run SC2 at Cbus. Should that change we’ll let you know via official channels.

Was wondering if I should put it here or in the fighting game discusssion, but this is a huge warning for those who think eSports is the future of fighting games. Note that Starcraft 2 still manages to get over 100K in stream views for the big tournaments and yet MLG has shamelessly bandwagoned to the MOBA games as their viewership is rising while that of SC2 is falling.


as combo_knight said, i am shocked. so shocked that it’s almost like i really don’t give a fuck.


Kim Jong is sending missiles to bomb MLG as we speak, rioting in Korea ensues.

I don’t follow any kind of spectator sports but MLG dropping SC2 is shocking.

FFS a significant expansion pack came out for starcraft2 not too long ago.

Oh well what can you expect from people who host blops2 and halo4, not that there’s anything wrong with those games.

Need to make more room for all these FPS games coming.

Didn’t Blizzard and MLG stop working with each other recently on some tournament?

With WCS, MLG becomes almost pointless, let them die off or run CoD all the time for all I care, the tournament landscape was too crowded anyway. But I will say, they gave some epic matches over the last few years… it’s too bad their format was so terrible for so long, to let somebody do good in the first tournament of the year then cost with all losses the rest of the season (InControl)

Starcraft is now officially DEAD

MLG sucks anyway. Watching MLG live was not as fun as watching GOM in my room by myself

From what I understand MLG had to pay Blizzard to be able to run Starcraft in the lineup, while other companies paid MLG. Whether or not SC2 is a good game even after the HotS expansion is not the issue, the issue is SC2 viewership has been dropping significantly over this past year and they probably don’t see it as profitable anymore compared to other stuff out there

But yeah MLG is mostly catered towards the dorito’s and mountain dew crowd, not exactly a big loss. SC2 will still have its other dedicated tournament organizations, regardless of declining popularity

Most likely being replaced with Smash Bros. Melee…


They’re probably making room for starcraft ghost’s multiplayer mode

Fuk MLG anyway. This is the same corporation that turned its back on its first founding game in a heartbeat (Halo) only to piggyback off SC2 and then do the same shit with MOBA’s now. They don’t give a shit bout the games at all, all they want and see is the $$$ and they’ll keep jumping ship to the larger vessels to obtain it. SC2 is better off without it, shouldn’t be so reliant on hollow pillars in the first place.

Thee misinformed is beesuit.

For a second there I thought this was going to be about MLG dropping Starcraft 2 for Starcraft: Broodwar because it’s a much better game and is playable over LAN but then I remembered that we’re talking about MLG.

Also Starcraft and Diablo 2 were the last good games out of Blizzard, before the company went to shit and everyone who knew what they were doing left.

WC3 is a good game

I say it how I see it. All these guys do is just jump in on the next hot thing to cash in on it. They take the hard work of others and try to make it their own essentially. I don’t see them trying to grow Halo anymore even despite it being the damn game that got it off the ground (Hell, Halo community can’t even do jack by themselves because they were so dependent on MLG). MLG dudes just want to skip all the community and foundation building process and go straight to the big stages by just throwing money at things.

MLG as an organization exists with the purpose of making money, just like most sports organizations. If a gaming community cannot survive because they went all-in depending on ONE entity to provide tournaments, there’s a serious problem that that community has to take care of.

They can make as much money as they want. They’ve shown that’s all they care about, especially when they cut a deal for a game in development that hasn’t even gone to open beta yet.

They ain’t in it for the community, just for the money and to profit off it. That I’ll agree with.