MLG MadCatz TE connection problem for 360 and PC


Sometimes when I boot up either my PC or 360 while the stick is plugged in, the stick will light up but then won’t register to a slot, it’ll just go back to no lights and won’t be responsive. Unplugging then replugging once seems to fix it 100% of the times I’ve tried, but I’m worried this could become a more serious problem. Should I accept the minor inconvenience or is there something I can tinker with? I got it from the Microsoft Store late last year and reading up on their policies I don’t think I can return it. But I’ll still contact them to make sure before I mess with anything.


Is your stick showing any other symptoms?


Not yet. Could be nothing, but wanted to see if any of the stick heads have heard of anything like this.


Sorry to hijack your thread, but this is really starting to bug me and it seems almost related.

I am having big problem with my 360 SFIV TE Fightstick.

When I connect it to the computer the lights flash once and it turns off. I get a driver error and it shows up in device manager as an unknown device. I have tried the following

  1. Uninstall any old Xbox controller drivers on the computer > Restart > Install newer drivers
  2. Same, but just plug it in to let them download themselves
  3. Go to device manager and click on the unknown device > Update drivers manually > choose from a list and uncheck only show compatible drivers > pick the xbox controller driver… but it’s not there
  4. Same as above, but try to install driver manually from the system32 file. It tells me Unknown Device already is the best driver and too damn bad.
  5. Plugging it into multiple computers. It doesn’t work on my wife’s laptop either.

It works fine on the 360 and wired 360 controllers work fine on my computer. This is just getting frustrating.

Does anyone have any other ideas?