MLG now picking up fighting games

Haven’t found anything posted.
sorry if it was.
Would be big bucks for people like Justin Wong, Marn, Valle, Combofiend etc.

I see only Tekken 6…

MLG doesn’t know anything about competative gaming. They throw a lot of money at holding tournaments for casual shooter players.

nice try at trolling

smash is not a fighting game


I’m pretty garbage at most fighting games and could do better than all of the people playing them at MLG, tell them to stick to Halo 3… everyone there seemed bitch made anyway when I saw it… who would go?

Thread didn’t go to well

Argh why does MLG always pick up 3D fighters I don’t play.

MLG is a joke. Unless they make a fighting game with spartans and battle rifles I don’t see it having any staying power.

Bald space marines in power armor imo

You would think they’d pick up SC4, I mean.

MLG may make all the money, but nothing compares to the pride , fun and hype you see at regular tournaments and regionals. You see guys make a fast computer or upgrade there computers. I have yet to see someone put as much detailed craftmanship,and actual drawing skills like Arcade stick creators in regular gaming. Only people that compare to us are custom carbuilders, sneakerheads, and artist.

Nah you’re the one trolling. Smash is a fighting game it contains everything fighters are about plus more.
I say it’s all good. I wonder how much players get paid in the MLG.

Was DOA4 ever on MLG?


Like items and stages with obstacles! O wait

Naw, its not.

The stages are plus more. Other fgs had items like DJFFNY. I was referring to the platforming as plus more.

That makes it NOT a fighting game.

Fuck MLG.

awesome, another MLG thread

I think we can all agree on this.