MLG picks up MK


He never said anything about MLG being bad for MK, but yeah it will take a miracle for MK not to be dropped after 1 year. Growing a scene isn’t a trivial task and I don’t see why MK would be an upgrade from the T6 that MLG picked up and ditched away in a short time.


Tekken had problems before that though.That said just a wee bit more exposure could do us good.
Of course I’d like if there was a league the the fgc is part of we’d build it like MLG built themselves up.


That’s a big if. The goal is for the scene to grow so obviously if the scene grows its a success. MLG’s track record with fighting games just doesn’t make me very optimistic.


MLG didn’t help Tekken grow; in fact, I’ve heard some say that it had a negative impact on community tournaments.

MLG is doing this because they think it would be good for MLG, not MK.

EDIT: Sorry, it was early when I posted this, and I didn’t see scythe’s post for whatever reason, so what I am saying is redundant; that said, point still stands :p.


Well the smash dudes say other wise the Tekken guys were a mess, who knows. Let them try if it blows up in their face well we got something on them. But really this is all just a ploy to make Capcom sell them the license. I will go out on a limb to say this is a sacrifical lamb to get a capcom game. If they crash and burns and they get a Capcom game well MK was worth that crash.


Uhh if it crash and burns they’ll even be less likely to get a Capcom game. If you can’t take care of a hamster, why the hell would I give you dog (no offense to MK9)?


People often don’t operate under sense.

You have to spend money to make money.

Obviously if they had sf the outcome would be different would it be as they want it? Most likely not but it could be big for them.


MLG and EVO/FGC worked together before, didn’t work.
Some Tekken players blame MLG for the damage done after MLG dropped it (the MLG money was gone, no felt like attending/traveling anymore)
Smash worked for MLG and they prospered but as seen at APEX, FGC and Smash Community are like mixing oil and water.

MK has been a FGC game, I don’t see how this will end better than Tekken and Tekken is the most popular fighting game in the world, no debate.

Not trying to stomp on your optimism or anything, just skeptical.

I’m curious as to why Namco would gamble on MLG again assuming they get SCV. I’ma have to agree with Jebailey, congrats to MLG/MK9 players and hope it works well but if you work directly with the FGC, you get more for less.


Isn’t marvel the obvious choice? the stream numbers say it all why MK? I don’t get it


You must be new to this FGC and MLG discussion. Capcom refuses to give MLG permission to run any of their games.

  1. fuck you. i take that as a full on insult to everything i do and dedicate to the MK community.
  2. why does some random rinky dink ranbat decide how a community runs and what it does for its self?


Oh I wondered why, well in weird way I prefer the ways things are now.

MLG is cheese


People dont seem to get that MK pulls the casual crowd. Sf has a long standing hardcore player base, and thats why they can stand on their own. Mvc is flashy and awesome to look at onstream so it can bring in the stream numbers. It also has a fan base like sf. As nice and technically sound of a game kofxiii is, it doesnt have a huge following over here… Mortal kombat made it to evo last year and what did everyone on this site say? ‘that shitty game will die after evo.’ But we, the mk/fgc kept it alive and made it so strong that its not only back for evo 2012, but also we have a chance to show our skills at mlg. Mk isnt the biggest community but we are strong and well-knit group. Quit discounting Mortal Kombat, because its come up and bit every pompous asshole in the back. It might not be the best game but its overcome a hell of alot of odds


Moving post


You see that KamikazeJD has a point, MK Community has what it take to stay and prosperous and make things happen.

We got each other back no doubt.


Except the scenes actually got along, their was just problems with no one expecting that many people to show up, space issues, and problems with scheduling.


I am proud of the MK scene for doing this. I really should get into that game but I just can’t get anybody in my scene to play it. Everybody plays KOF and SF4 and UMvC3. Nobody likes this and SCV. I will have to keep trying.


What I don’t like is that some people in the FGC want MK9 out and put Melty Blood or BBCS:EX in its place for EVO and talking bout how this is its last year and its not going get no more play after this year…Really now, come on man


Fuck You back :). As far as “some random rinky dink ranbat” Our rinky dinky ranbat had TFA/RZR Banana Ken, TFA/RZRWeaponsLeft, MRN/MCZ Wolfkrone, Antwain “Alucard” Ortiz, among others with an amazing SF4 finals of Wolfkrone vs Banana Ken. No one decides what a community does. The community is the people who show up. The tournament organizers in Detroit have bent over backwards for Mortal Kombat, and the players just don’t show up. You can get mad at me all you want, I’m not the problem. The problem is that MK players in a lot of areas don’t show up.


Hell look at the lack of a crowed to watch the MK finals at the last SoCal major