MLG picks up MK


Except the scenes actually got along, their was just problems with no one expecting that many people to show up, space issues, and problems with scheduling.


I am proud of the MK scene for doing this. I really should get into that game but I just can’t get anybody in my scene to play it. Everybody plays KOF and SF4 and UMvC3. Nobody likes this and SCV. I will have to keep trying.


What I don’t like is that some people in the FGC want MK9 out and put Melty Blood or BBCS:EX in its place for EVO and talking bout how this is its last year and its not going get no more play after this year…Really now, come on man


Fuck You back :). As far as “some random rinky dink ranbat” Our rinky dinky ranbat had TFA/RZR Banana Ken, TFA/RZRWeaponsLeft, MRN/MCZ Wolfkrone, Antwain “Alucard” Ortiz, among others with an amazing SF4 finals of Wolfkrone vs Banana Ken. No one decides what a community does. The community is the people who show up. The tournament organizers in Detroit have bent over backwards for Mortal Kombat, and the players just don’t show up. You can get mad at me all you want, I’m not the problem. The problem is that MK players in a lot of areas don’t show up.


Hell look at the lack of a crowed to watch the MK finals at the last SoCal major


Obviously the story is quite twisted. Although the first time they worked was 5 years ago. Still all I am saying is let them do as they do, it’s up the the MK community to use what they have just received constructively like smash seems to have done.

I too think this won’t go well as MLG hopes but I say let them do it, they don’t have a Capcom game and that’s what they want.

When this blows up let’s see who learns form this.


Hey dude every think that maybe just maybe that the FGC in SoCal cares more bout Capcom games then MK and if you agree then that means that its just that place and not as a whole


Well isn’t the socal FGC the one where all others are judged?


Wait what do you mean bout that???


Well they seem to be the most active and tend to push out the best talent the US has. That said this is a diverse country and you can’t really base things regionally. You have to have a lot of data to really tell what the community really is. Hopefully MLG will give us more numbers to work on.


Yea I understand, I’m afraid that MK gets play a little bit and then push for something aside like Tekken or SCV (No offense to Their community though)


I don’t think that is the case. The problem is not that the people who show up for the Majors care more about Capcom, it is that not enough people who care about MK show up to support. I’m sure Mortal Kombat out sold any other game in SoCal, but it didn’t translate to bodies in the seats and viewers on the streams. Let me get this out there, I am not hating on MK the game, I bought it and bought all the DLC characters. Who I am blasting is the people who play MK not showing up. Maybe the MK scene will grow over time, who’s to say, but too many people want this game to get instant respect without its players putting in the time grow the scene from the bottom up.


I get what you’re coming from and I understand,but I’m trying to say is that I believe its just regionally.The FGC in the west coast might be like that but in the south I can say with confident that its right up there with SSF4 and UMvC3.


I agree that MK doesn’t get near the participation of Capcom games, but it’s not as universally grim as you make it out to be. Here’s a bracket from one of our recent Virginia locals:

For a local with no major money on the line that’s a pretty good turnout I’d say.


Good, MK9 is a decent game, even with the glitches. Hope this helps out the MK community.


I disagree that I am being universally grim. But come on that tourney had WINBACK and Tom Bradey :slight_smile: The fact that MK has great turnout in some areas and shit turnout in other places shows that the MK community is running the risk of becoming regional. If it becomes regional the MK community only have themselves to blame. NRS studios did it’s part. It made a good game that has out sold most other games out there. MK hasn’t let the community down, the community has let MK down.


I’m not discounting the game, my complaint is with the players. Sure the game is still “alive” but I see no signs the scene is growing as much as it should.


You expecting people at a yes, rinky dinky ranbat to play MK tells you the community isnt what you think is a personal insult to me. (Seems to me, more people liked my comment than yours, so what does that tell you?)MK players in that area dont go, then what does that tell you? There isnt any serious MK players in the area. The game is big enough for Evo, twice, and our community is a lot bigger and stronger than most other communities, so take your BS somewhere else. And no NRS hasnt done quite enough.Making a good game sometimes isnt enought. But if you are so damn worried, then stop trolling. its that simple. You think your hot shit trying to start shit with the other staff here at SRK with me stomping your ignorance, but that says more about you than it does me, you butthurt fool.

PS- Josh and 'Twain are good peeps too. this has nothing to do with them or any other SF4 players.


i feel you… But one huge reason is because people dont want to accept the game. This site is an example. Everything that mk got as featured news people would shit on it. Any awards or even combo vids people would shit on it n talk about how this game is all 'low pokes and jump in kicks.'
This game has evolved and the successful players have adapted. We have an awesome and helpful community with top players being some of the most helpful people. People just have to give us another chance honestly


Say what you want, But this game was most likely picked for the same reason it wins awards


Never played MK9 in depth but WELP