MLG TE fighstick

So I just got an email from Gameshark announcing the release of the Major League Gaming Tournament Edition Fightstick. It’s pretty much the same thing as the regular TE sticks with the exception of being licensed by the Major League Gaming.

So what do you guys think? It cost about the same, if not more.

saw it on gameshark site…sigh

A little disappointed in the rehashes to be honest. I remember Markman saying he could really improve the TE. I am really anticipating that one.

Based on MarkMan’s pic, I bet it looks cooler in person than in the stock shots. The side panel colors are electroplated metallic.

If you could just buy the sides I would be all in. I want some red metallic TE-S sides even more though.

I won’t be buying that though, MLG is just dumb in my opinion. Too many idiots that think they are the best in the world.

Don’t care what anyone says, I FUCKIN WANT!

i am curious if they use any new pcb designs or…bigger compartment space…?

Well if you were making an Abel themed stick the electroplated sides would be a great match. Just need to change the face plate art and rub off that MLG logo at the bottom lol.

The MLG TE has the TE “S” PCB, but of the Chun-Li kind.

These are both licensed by Microsoft and Sony, so yes, they have the same style PCB used in the Chun-Li TE ‘S’.

Also, here is a shot of the red side:

its okay.

I’m a little bit confused as to why there would be an MLG stick considering rifted the relationship between MLG and SRK is. Tekken isn’t getting any of the MLG action anymore, if I remember correctly. Does this mean that we are going to see SF4 or MvC3 on the big stage?

Edit: Tekken no longer is an MLG game either, right? But if we are getting cross partners, how about a Starcraft 2 stick? If you make the stick, could be green and reptilian looking and all Zerged out? I’ll take protoss too.

I guess I like the look of it, but I feel like MLG is trying to profit off the FGC, yet don’t have fighting games on their circuit. I don’t know, this kinda think just pisses me off, but those are just because of my personal feelings about MLG. The stick looks kinda cool though. (I notice it has that lame xbox enforced button layout, don’t know what M$ is thinking by forcing that)

MLG is garbage so why would the FGC want any part of this stick? Any serious fighting gamers already has a stick so this is just money grabbing from capcom and madcatz (as usual). I guess putting on new artwork is considered new? sigh

I wish you guys made unlicensed cases in different colors. Would really love to mix,match, and customize.

Make like NikeID, but for TE sticks.

So no more sticks for anyone, ever?


so it’s not necessary to keep releasing the same stick over and over. What don’t you get?

Seems obvious that they’re targeting the MLG crowd. Mad Catz is making a new MLG pad that will get a lot of interest, so they’re releasing a stick to go with it. And what does Capcom have to do with it?

the FGC shouldn’t and doesn’t want to be associated with the MLG crowd in any way. putting on some new (ugly) artwork and selling it at full price is ridiculous