MLP: Fighting Is Magic - A Fighting game for manly men only (New characters from MLP creator?!)


The 1st thread was closed because of shitstorms and drama. I know ponies are a delicate issue here but please refrain from unnecessary comments.

From the FAQ:

Q: Why Fighting ponies?
A: Why not?

Q: But…why ponies?
A: We like ponies. Ponies are cool.

Q: Are you new to the Gaming Developing Scene?, Not sure I’ve heard of you before.
A: Mane6 as a group is. Fighting is Magic is our first collaborative effort. The DevTeam members have been around and participated in other projects individually.
All of us are seasoned Fighting Game players, though. We’ve a fair idea of what we want to do in our game and how to reach it. Don’t let the “first project ever” fool you :wink:

Q: Will there be combos?
A: Indeed there’ll be.

Q: Will there be Supers?
A: Ee-yup.

Q: And projectiles?
A: Indeed.

Q: Local VS only, or is there netplay?
A: We’ve both Local and Online Versus mode planned.

Q: How will the VS multiplayer work? Is there a central HUB/Server to which we connect to?
A: There is a HUB, but it is not central. We’re using MTSP, a netplay client based on Lunaport, with improved netplay and an integrated chat available; Once you’ve downloaded the client, you’ve the option to set your own “server” or of acting as a client, for a Max of 100 connections (that we’re aware of). You can set more than one Lobby Host in your computer, provided they’re in different ports.

Q: How many characters will there be?
A: 17 Characters in total, with the Mane 6 (Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash) playable at release.

Q: And the other 11?
A: They’ll be released in game updates in a semi-regular fashion after Launch.

Q: Why only 17?
A: Several reasons. Mainly, that we wanted to focus on quality over quantity. We’d rather release 17, solid, balanced characters than four dozen palette-swap clones.

Q: Ok, I’m sold. How much will this game cost me?
A: Oh boy. Well, prepare your wallet, because this totally awesome game costs a grand total of $0.00, and it can be… wait… what?… yes, you heard right. Zero dollars and Zero Cents: That is to say. Abso-pony-lutely free.

Q: … What’s the catch?
A: No catch!, really. The game was planned from the start to be freeware. That doesn’t mean we’re half flanking the job, though, we intend to release the best game possible.

Q&As from the live stream:

Q: Will this be at EVO2012?
A: We don’t think so but it would be cool lolololol.

Q: This looks weird.
A: The graphical effects will be handled last in development. Polishing the characters, gameplay, balance etc. will be done 1st.

Q: When is it coming out?
A: All we can say is “soon”.

Back to the thread- So far the game kinda looks like a 1v1 mvc3, only w/o huge damage and comeback mechanics.
There are wall bounces and ground bounces, limited to 2 in a combo.
One of the 2 revealed characters is a pixie rushdown, the other is a zoner with some moves inspired by MB’s Aoko. (The devs said it)

Button layout:

(Editor’s note:The F stands for ‘Friendship’, bitches!)

The music is cool

Official Site

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Last night’s stream was super amazing. I hope to god this game gets more attention, especially on SRK. IT’S FRIENDSHIP BABY

Hoping Cutie Mark Crusaders are all one ‘character.’ Can’t imagine any other way of doing it.


I wanna main Twilight, but I’m horrible at zoners. Maybe I’ll end up using Rainbow Dash. >_>


I thought it was interesting that Twilight had what looked like a super fast standing overhead. But her low mobility is probably gonna make that a little less important. I guess if you pin someone down with the magic paper thing you can mix someone up. The possibilities are eeeendlessss


Hope this topic does a lot better than the last one, however will more frequent info coming out, I’m sure it will be fine.

The game looks interesting, but differently shows it’s in pre-Alpha stage.
Some odd things I’ve notice when watching the stream, such as how Apple Jack was able to combo into her throw after doing a cross up (which for some reason, the counter meter continued to count up, even tho it clearly showed Twilight was in her blocking animation before eating the cross up).

Other odd things too, such as Twilight doing an air juggle, and AJ would keep air teching, however each hit afterwords still continued to raise the combo count (even the guy on the stream was telling his buddy, using AJ, to just block).

Twilight’s moves look unique, however a full screen super that seems to come in almost instant, and a move where she rips a page from her book, and the page slowly falls onto the ground, and can STILL count as an attack once it lands seems really broken.

Overall, the game seems like it shaping out to be really nice, but I’m worried they may be taking it into the wrong direction. The game no doubt has a lot of potential, but I’m not too sure how much fighting game knowledge the team has.


Sadden by no Pinkie Pie gameplay. Gameplay looks fun.


I’m pretty confident the team is the fighting game field. And at any rate, if something shows up in the primary release that’s super broken it can be patched overnight. But they also said they aren’t gonna patch the game just for the sake of patching it. If you remove all good strategies in the game then it’ll be boring. Only broken games are fun.

All the weird bugs with things like the combo counter are probably things they are aware of. Can’t judge the final release till it’s out. That being said, for a pre-alpha this game looks amazing.

Also I want a Fighting is Magic cab at UFO >:|


Hey, seeing as how it’s going to be a PC title, it’s possible.
However, no doubt it will be some time until we see this game completed. After seeing other games made with the same/related engine, no doubt it can turn into a real fighter. It’s going to take a lot more tweaks, even in this stage, to develop into something really good. I wonder if they are taking feed back from random people or whatever ;o


so hype for this
either twilight or rainbow dash (preferrably twi) better be high tier


I’m still in retarded awe at the animation.

Seriously, what the hell. Even if it plays like shit it’ll look really pretty.



The animation is well done in not just in terms of frame count, but how the characters react for each move they do.
If the game does flop, one can always sprite rip it, lol ;p


Is the original thread still around? I want to read the saltiness for a good laugh. :rofl:


Rarity Tease in the video lolz.

And god I hope this thread is free from the saltiness from the last one I read. >.>;


It’s basic tween-based flash animation. It’s incredibly unattractive to 2D animation purists; not only that, it is also incredibly lazy. It’s hard to make a game play like shit when it’s as basic as it looks.




Any new fighting game based around a grassroots fanbase is pretty cool, regardless of people showing up to take potshots at the pony thing™. It’s also a bent enough idea to attract people who aren’t into the TV show like me.

Makes me wonder why there aren’t more projects like this for other fanbases.

Really though, anything is better than another treatise thread on how to pick a character or tier lists.


The game’s far from finished. It’s going to play a bit like Vanaguard Princess when all is said and done because they plain to have each character have an assist character.


Wait what? When did this come up?


lol, i am thoroughly entertained. i’ll definitely have to give this a try when it’s finished.