to start, ill just list out 2 pros and cons from each and talk about my testing and explain what i think storm and magneto can do to change those pros and cons

General cons

-loses to cable and sent
-bad assist character

General pros

-builds meter

With other characters like cable and sent, they have good to great zone assists, but i think that might be a mistake to look at megaman as a zone character and give him zone assists that are also zone point characters. if you get beat using mm and have cable on your team, if you got beat by rushdown, cable is going to have a similiar gameplan against the rushdown you just lost your mm to cause hes a similiar type of character to megaman or at least a more similiar character than say storm. on top of it, no aa assist to help him out. it would be extremely difficult to win now against say mss or msp or row with just drones and some meter for ahvb for your cable. cable imo doesnt go well with mm because if you use his viper assist you dont have alpha counter to ahvb and if you use AA its not even that good of an AA

if you want viper beam, magneto (A) provides the same thing but better, and having magneto on your team is a better option to a cable you just lost to, then having a cable of your own to fight that cable.

Also a problem in mm zoning game is although j fierce damage is good and covers space well, it doesnt allow for true traps, just guessing games. having a fast assist like magneto (A) to come out can punish people who are trying to get out of a guessing game with your rockball and fireballs an opening that would otherwise be an opening with drones and even commando assist, is now not an opening. in the same vein as sentinel with magneto (a) with sentinels fly/unfly laser spit magento a and drones pressure and mixups.

with storm, she is probably the only character who can do something good after any of mm’s assists. I chose mm uppercut because after a hit from that assist, its easy to go into hailstorm. there may be more, but just that is better synergy than sentinel can make off of any of mms assist, and i think better than cable can make from any of mm’s assists. if anyone can prove me wrong than by all means list the ways top 4 can make use of mm

with storm, she is also safely DHCed into, and is a character who can make use of lots of bar that has been charged by mm. her (Y) assist also provides good stun time and is a different in princible type of zoning assist to magneto (A), its vertical, doesnt come out immediatly, and lasts long which is good for setting up rockball.

so its my belief that with some practise this team could be the top megaman team to use, it makes megaman better than he already is, offers at least one way to make use of mm assist, the team can now counter cable, and there are safe dhcs.
its my hope that people can try this team out and give feedback and discuss issues and positives about it.

gl with megaman.

that team seems like a waste of magneto and storm, but it could work, i think megeman/magneto/storm would be better maybe.

i like megeman/cable/sent cuz megaman will build the meter and u can pretty much assume megaman will die in the battle. its like a mini team duc.

How does it counter Cable SJ forward grenade?

The problem with this team on paper to me is that it doesn’t protect your vertical, which is your real weakness to me. Drones or Cable-AA or Blackheart-AA all let you protect the vertical/diagonal a little better. I don’t think Mag-A is going to do anything interesting here, and while Storm-Y with rockball would seem to be interesting/humorous, you can’t really punish them too effectively using Megaman especially since Storm is next, so if I’m Cable I’m building three+ meters and then jumping forward and AHVBing you… ?

It’s not a team I’ve seen played before, though. Maybe there’s some synergy here that I don’t know of, but I agree with sealhunta that any MM team with Cable strongly benefits from all those meters you’re building. Storm and Magneto can’t really use the meters quite as effectively.