Mm/bbhood/juggz (repost of a post i made in a thread a while back)


originally made this post here:
i am reposting because i didn’t want this to get lost and wanted it to be somewhere more relevant (i probably should’ve posted it here in the first place)… i originally used this team in that low tier tourney.

if you are bad at marvel but want to beat other people with noobin in low tiers this is the team for you
if you play ST and like shooting fireballs but all these air combos and shit are too complicated then this team is for you
if you play SF4 and like mashing ultra in people’s blockstrings then this team is for you
if you have a friend that is bad at msp, like he can do rom and stuff but he doesn’t play smart, and you want to piss him off, this team is for you

megaman w/ assist shoot shit
builds 5 meters before he dies
against some people/teams he can just ocv them for free because he’s megaman
if they are approaching under you bb hood stops them or slows them down
if they try to crossup or approach on megaman level somehow juggz can help
if you can, shoot stuff in such a pattern where if they get by your assist a mega shot combos so that they land on their feet and they can’t roll to get closer to you then
megaman can crouch under a lot of people’s projectiles (in top tiers iron man comes to mind)
if they are ahead on life and just turtling, going even on fireball war and not losing life… they are wrong, they are LOSING because you are building meter faster than they are. the meter is important.
use walljump to get out of shit… also his shoryu can get you out of bad spots like them trying to chip you
if megaman will die soon, don’t bother to save him. he makes your team super cost more for the same damage.
if they are blocking too much get in their face and call juggs + megaman hp throw (almost at the same time but not quite) ->… does about ~45% damage. in the corner you can standing hk instead of and aircombo… they cannot roll out of this if you time it right even though it looks like it

really basicass combos that even a scrub like me can implement
launch -> lp lk hyper megaman dhc to bb hood… usually not worth it because you want to save your meter w/ bb/juggs
call at same time mp hp (~40% ish damage)… you can do this with bb’s assist as well less damage but it’s safer

okay so now megaman is dead so bb comes out
you have 5 bars now right? you are charged up, they are playing with fire
your goal is simple
shoot shit so they MUST attack you make them come to you
okay when they jump cross under one way or another, team super, ~95% damage. you should be able to hitconfirm this… this is where what little 3s skills i had came in handy
if they come at you shoot more missiles maybe call juggs shoot more missiles to cover him too
when they call assist, probably team super. many low tiers can’t punish bb/juggs thc, other low tiers the player will not KNOW the way to do it, because it is often really weird to punish. once in random player matches I did something like some homogeneous video dude had dr. doom and I fucked up my lk lk thc and he blocked and then he tried to punish with the blue ball super, so I blocked, and then punished with another thc and I suddenly I could hear over the mic like “WHATTT THE FUCK THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT FUCK THIS” :rofl: Also, if they CAN punish juggz by himself bb can shoot them with her super.
if they do ANYTHING unsafe, team super. If they start to do a move, team super. just keep your hands like, 2 fingers on a1+a2 and another finger on HP for missiles if they are far away and lk for low hit from up close… you have 5 bars from megaman and they will at least eat 1 of these and then it’s probably game over
if they are doing blockstrings/traps find the game and then thc. if you play SF4, this will come natural to you, “when do i mash shoryu”. if you see your opponent do the same untight blockstring twice… the third time it’s goodbye, especially if he called assist.
if they are normal jumping and do anything other than block mash a1+a2 they just guard broke themselves
also, from very close the thc is not possible to block after the flash (same property as jugg headcrush)… juggernaut freezes while bb’s bullets travel too.
other combos: qcb hp guns super - the next one does about the same damage… i prefer to save meter for thc.
call qcb hp … in the corner you can normal jump at them and do more hits

juggs… i dunno man he’s juggs. power up glitch and shit can be used sometimes but i usually dont do it;. throw into headcrush. jumping hp build meter cover the whole screen in hitbox. when you have meter play like e honda, just turtle, wait for them to do something anything then just mash a1+a2. if bb is alive, you can call her and then just block and your huge juggz body will protect her from many attacks. having juggs on point is usually desperation

capcom aint cheap when he comes out just a1+a2 THIS BITCH IS DEAD :rofl:

i had the idea because as a joke once I picked megaman/cable/doom against a dude i know that picks msp, at this time he used to beat me like 70% of the time, he could do the ROM and a bunch of other shit. so I pick this team and then I nearly perfected him, never EVER having played megaman before. I was like “the fuck?”. like megaman built 5 bars too so the cable/doom was just perfect ahvb x infinity for free… so i thought, who is low tier cable?
then I saw that video of that japanese guy dao raping with omega/bb/juggz [media=youtube]7-7suefXOTA[/media]. so i’m like well… here it is.
also this [media=youtube]S0uD_fdVioc[/media] . it is very important with this team to laugh like dao and/or this guy every time you land a THC just laugh as much as possible like a maniac and if they are doing combos on you it’s cool they are building your meter you’re playing sf4 sagat mash ultra in their blockstring and win
I WOULD say go watch some preppy vids on how to play megaman but its like he plays megaman too intelligently for me :rofl: still worth watching: [media=youtube]m9cj4RxJhSg[/media]

things this team beats: people that like to approach horizontally (LOL), people without a lot of safe attacks, people who rely on assist, people without good mobility or a good mixup game… people that can’t get in. if you keep magnus out you will beat him too LOL

things that beat this team: characters that can attack diagonally down forward from high up in the air (dr. doom, sent, bh, other various top tiers like this, anakaris? dont really know low tiers that can do this effectively enough for it to be a problem), air hyper viper beam, iceman w/ a good projectile assist because he can hit megamans feet and bb hood assist with 1 icebeam and icebeam stops juggs assist if i remember right, people that trap you within a vortex of deception on wakeup and resets and shit

i have a lot of joy playing this team, i know it’s gimmicky and def not a solid strat, but for a player like me that is all about noobin people out it is a great team for that

cheap stuff man cheap stuff

edit forgot to mention that with megaman when they are coming in you can do guardbreak like jump shoot hp shot then standing hk if timed right they land onto it
i’m not positive but i think if you time it right if they take the hit will combo too

GRRR. lol

MM/Cable/Tron is the all star noob team. Online people use it all the time. Good thread though Anotak. I’m 0-5 against you with that team. :frowning: lol

My suggestion for people using this team is that you might want to get good with one of those other characters (BBhood). Because MM can die quickly. BB Hood is a decent point and battery. also Cruel snipe dhc into Headcrush. That damage is ridiculous.

Short of having mags make you guess wrong and getting Rom’d(which everyone character is vulnerable to) mm can hold out for a long time… sometimes messing around in low tier I’ll just play a charge up buster game with mm… and hold out for like 30+ seconds before using the buster… more of a fun strat than anything…

one thing i do with it… mostly for fun and looking slick–
once you release it… just get up to em and wave dash… pause… wave dash… pause… this will keep the buster from going through them (aka you can get max hits… but then they’ll also wind up in the corner where you can launch as the last buster hit goes and FS combo em back into a relaunch… also… get a leaf shield up while the buster is still hitting and you can end the relaunch combo in leaf shield, buster charged to 3 or 4 hits… falling fp shot… pause… hypermegaman…

can go over 100+ hits solo… and 100% kills

DHC’s with the charge shot can also be fun… like release a 50 ht buster shot into either point or assist xx hypermegaman instant DHC to chun lighting legs… let the super end… lighting legs again… let the super end… lightling legs again… sj. xx adf… launch…

more flash than anything… but she keeps pushing them back into the buster for more hits… which juggles them while she fires up the super again… also ends in the corner where chun can relaunch into an FS combo or wtver else…

Sorry to ramble… just some easy stuff to do thats really fun. using a 50 hit buster and either wave dashes or other moves to keep pushing an assist back into the buster does WAY to much unscaled dmg…

Im assuming he has Juggs dash type, right? If so, you can really play lockdown and fucking agitate the daylights outta your opponents. Also, either leading the THC with Juggs or BBHood ensure death. MegaMan doesnt have any combo strings that can connect into THC, he has the, xx THC but most people roll out. Juggs has 2 hits xx THC and BBHood has a 4-hit string xx THC. Juggs also has the hp earthquake that can be cancelled into THC. Just something to know about that team…

MM charged buster or leaf shield will pin perfectly for a THC…

The thing is single shot fps and rockball are his best zoning tools IMO, i dunno i find charged fp isnt worth it if your fight a rushdown char, i mean on cable or doom or other slow chars go for it, but against a decent mags or storm, dont do it. You dont really need to be able to combo into that THC any way, hit is instant. Megaman joinging forces with Team 2 buttons… thats like hell for any rush down char, you got MM chucking powershots n rockballs, bb hood with missles, land minds, and instant “fuck you” by slamming on fp fk that can punish a 1 frame slip up… only prob I see here is you gotta watch your head, no decent AA Assist among the 3 of them.

I like the charged shot a lot… often to start the match I’ll charge it for a very long time and use a fast assist + tornado hold and/or leaf shield to keep away/chip. Ur right in terms of that not flying very well against mags. But it’s fun in random low tier. So much stuff you can do if you got a 30+ hit charged shot going on them. Including just do a THC on them while the buster is still Hitting. I’ve combined hulks gamma crush with bb and mm to do that to assists for 100% easy.

After I release that one tho… I normally switch to single shot + rockball or leaf shield. I think the LS is underrated. As a projectile it sets a lot of stuff up but also absorbing a hit can really help you block some mixup. So I like it.

Yeah, but most likely your opponent wont just sit back and let you charge. I was speaking from punishing with a instant attack, like a quick 2hits xx THC. You can charge leaf,,, shoot w/BBHood proj, then quickly cancel to hyper megaman. Or do the same with Juggs dash type assist. Of course having Juggs juiced up, it does 100 on most. Or try the tornado hold with Juggs. cr.lp,,, Juggs, hp tornado hold that does 80 alone. Or add the hyper megaman for 100+…

y’all are posting a lot of fancy shit, i’ve gotten a LOT better at this team by doing the same stuff i was doing when i made the OP and just doing it all a lot better and being a lot better at thinking about what i’m doing and understanding how to control space so much better. i dunno, i’ll try some of y’alls stuff though.

I play it fight by fight… some people like blackheart for instance can get pretty friggen zoned out but just using well placed buster shots and quality assisting. The basics are certainly where its at for MM. But some matchups… like sent/mando… you can’t open up a lot… and your shots will get beat out by sent spam. Charging while playing it safe and just blocking/wall jumping and using AAA… after 20+ seconds you’ll have a shot you can open up on mando with… no matter what is spammed out by sent… your buster will plow through… and you’ll know it… so soon as you release you can XX hyper MM xDHCx something mean… and kiss mando goodbye…

Against Sent/CapCom with MM I find my best course of action is to find a safe way to tag the hell out… The issue with charged shots aside from the fact you can no longer zone with the single FPs is that you cant wave dash while charging so your killing your own mobility, which is actually very useful for geting under and behind an inflight sent, plus against sent, your taking chip from his normals, so being defensive by jus walljumping/ blocking can still result in a decent amount of life lost. And a smart player wont even call Cap until after he’s opened you up, especially if they see you gunning for him. Sent has no need to try and push out MM with defesive calls from Cap because MM cant’t rush down… that fight is way too much in Sents favor, even without Cap it’s still a pain in the ass…

yeah fighting sentinel is extremely hard with this team, i just try to get them to make mistakes. its like playing with low tiers on super turbo against o. sagat