MM Proposition Dexterous vs. Mike Chaos ft10


Mike wants to play him for $100, I’m not betting on this so don’t ask me. I’m just posting the challenge.


I’ll bet on this. I’ll 50 down on ricky. You gonna take that bet mike?


I second that.


i’ll bet $50 that this match never happens. Mike Chaos is retired from the art of Marvel. I heard he just chills in hawaii all day and fucks dime pieces…can anyone confirm?




dexterous mike chaos wants to play tues @ regency…

also MikeRoss ill take that bet =D


will he pull off his guile counter against msp?


Sorry, people. I can’t do money match at the moment and have a alot going on this week in college. So, reset you owe $50 to mikeross. lol


Well done Dexterous…I will be giving you your 50% of the bet as scheduled…


No problem! So, just hand me those $25 next time you see me. :woot::woot::rofl: