MM vs. Doom Assist: Anything besides Ken that can beat it?



(as the topic says)

Anyone got any help?



You’d probably get better responses in the doom section. This exchange doesn’t involve mm as much as the assists. But every AAA beats doom with the right timing, sometimes cammy bounces off a rock and gets herself killed…


MM+assist vs doom assist?

You are asking if there are 2 characters that can beat one? Yes there are plenty haha.


Unless you’re dealing with Cable/Doom, just throw out timed fierces(mid-range, hits Doom in the head) Timed just right, you can have floating fierces running around that will hit Doom in the head before he can start his molecular shield. Otherwise any AAA should work, or a well placed Tron assist :smiley:




Guile-a [flash kick] I think that takes it out [you have to be real close though…]


what if when doom comes out u do the drill thing super and run that bitch over, does that work?


There are a few things you can do vs. Doom assist

  • use Storm assist and proceed with business as usual. Be sure to cover her exit.

  • rush that shit down. Use jumpkicks to get in to take out Doom as he enters.

  • Rockball trap. If you get it going well, soccer balls will bean Doom in the head. Be sure trap is tight, though.