i know this isnt about stradegy or anything but i just wanna give props to gamerbee for doing his thing at evo and taking out Justin “Adon is A__” Wong. honestly after that fight i wanted him to go on and win the whole thing. there’s gonna be a whole lot of adons online now. Big ups gamerbee

this is just like the other gamerbee thread

thanks for your input

this is just like the other gamerbee thread

thanks for your input

I don’t think so for the same reason Rufus isn’t popular online. He requires very tight execution for him to be successful.

oh yeah i mos def. agree, but you know there will be those that think since jwong was defeated by an adon, folks are getting on the bandwagon and play as adon, but only for awhile for the very reason you stated. I tried him out when the game first came out and it takes some skill and patience. It goes to show ya though, you cant judge a book by its cover. any character can be a beast, just gotta put em in the right hands

Kinda like you’re getting on the Gamerbee bandwagon? Because he was successful with an alright character that people only THINK is bad because people like Jwong said so in the first place? Also kinda like how you’re getting on the “making a new thread to congrat gamerbee and point out that he beat Jwong” bandwagon?

SHHHHH!!! You remember what happened to the last guy that told the truth around here? I think he’s at some gamefaqs place now.:confused:

Sad attempt at being funny is sad


Can the moderator for the Adon forums please delete these threads? I really don’t see how any of this information is useful. There’s a video thread for the Gamerbee v. JWong fight and there is a matchup thread to talk about that fight.

Riding the wave is fucking obnoxious

This link deserves its own thread more than the Gamerbee/Jwong fight does

geez i was just shoutin the broham out…thought he did a good performance…if i knew dudes on here was gonna get all salty about it i never woulda post the thread…folks are on the buzzkill tip around here

Gamerbee was the truth… honestly i wanted to see him fight Daigo but then we woulda had 2 foreigners in the finals… I also maintain that the Mike Ross vs. Gamerbee match was the best match of EVO2k10 … this all my 1/50th of a dollar… imma cammy player so i’m just laying down my opinion… if anyone wants to give me some worthwhile Adon practice send me a fr on XBL