"Mmm... You look like you're in good shape": Juri Q&A and General Discussion Thread

Well since Super Street Fighter IV has been officially released now, I think it’s time we have an official Q&A/General Discussion Thread in the Juri forums. Our current “Juri Thread” is far too cluttered with too much random information to act as our General Discussion thread.

I think it’d be best if we extract any useful bits and pieces of information from the old one, and start a fresh new thread, now that we have a better understanding of how Juri works.

Well that’s it. Post away people! :cool:

I know this shouldn’t really be asked but what exactly does Feng Shui Engine/Ultra 1 do? Does it increase damage and make Juri faster to connect attacks that usually don’t link?
I was just on Youtube and noticed that during the trial for linking lp, lk, mp, mk, hp, hk, EX pinwheel kick, the player used Ultra 1 first which really should have been a trial command before those so that people actually know what it does. If so, then I’ll be using Ultra 1 more often because I need to add pressure for players who are cautious about EX Dive kick ultra 2.

I wonder what you are trying to say under your name '???'
you probably wanted what juri says in her U2 "???

She says “!!!” when she does her fthrow lol.

it is probably “!!!” kimochi ii daro
??? doesn’t make much sense it means “feeling isn’t it”

When I was doing her trials(forgot which one) it listed that she can combo after her overhead. This is only possible with U1 activated only?

I believe it’s only possible during Feng Shui Engine (Ultra 1).

Sekku (f+mk) is nomally +2 on hit
her fastest normal is 3f (close lk)

Outside of Ultra I, you can combo from the overhead on counter hit only with close st.lk. Nothing else. But since st.lk links into cr.mk/cr.mp, you can net some decent damage off it by canceling it into any special.

You’re absolutely right. I didn’t realize I was missing the “ii” after “kimochi.” Thanks for letting me know lol.

So you have to spot landing it as a counter, then do a what, 1-frame link into s.LK then another 1-frame link into c.MP/c.MK and cancel that into Pinwheel? Good luck with that :rofl:

Just to give some sort of answer: (testing Ultra 1 in the danger room)

Regular EX Pinwheel - 180 Damage;185 Stun
FSE EX Pinwheel - 180 Damage;0 Stun
:lk:,:lk:,:lk: xx EX Pinwheel - 182 Damage;270 Stun
FSE :lk:,:lk:,:lk: xx EX Pinwheel - 182 Damage;0 Stun

  • from the trials we all know that FSE allows for certain combos outside of Juri’s norm. Whether that means normals chain (or cancel) into each other… or links are just made easier to make… i dunno. IMO I think it allows CERTAIN normals to be chained/linked which, outside of FSE, cannot normally.

i.e. (though idk if this is a good test for it)
Juri’s “BnB[?]” - c.lk~s.lp (is this supposed to be mp?), c.mk xx EX Pinwheel
In FSE, the link between s.lp, c.mk seemed the same, but you can add a s.hk (at least in the corner) at the end of c.mk for two mroe hits and then xx EX Pin. (once again, someone else give a second opinion on this too, I may just be sleepy).

Anyways, from my tests in Training Mode, Ultra 1 does not give any increased damage directly, indirectly the increased damage probably comes from being able to execute combo’s outside of the regular scope.

Is Juri more of a turtle character or rush down?

Rush Down. Mainly from her speed and combos.

I disagree. She’s transitioned into a turtle character. She doesn’t have the optimal tools for rushdown, but she has great tools for keep away. Not saying she can’t rushdown, but I think she makes a better zoning and keep away char with her normals.

yeah she’s definitely a rush down, being a turtle doesn’t play in to her favor
poor fireball, only decent pokes (although it seems mk is amazing), not so good anti-air, no real gtfo move
playing like that is basically free

I completely disagree she can turtle the fuck out of someone…

Not so good anti-air? What about c.MP or c.HP? :confused:

Pinwheel is “decent” for GTFO move but it isn’t say… EX SBK like Chun has.

This ^^^

3 Fireballs, decent half screen pokes, solid anti-air, a dive kick to zip past someone, and a teleport? Sounds like keep away to me.

I’ve seen other players both rush down, and turtle/punish… she seems to be rather decent at both.

Correct me if I am wrong though, but from what I have seen, she has alot of useful tools for pretty much any situation. Her flying kick can trade with alot of things (maybe trade badly, but in my opinion, trading with an SRK is better than just taking one.) Her lk pinwheel is a decent poke move and quick anti air. Her fireball kick before she sends it out can stop jump-ins and can combo with the fireball if you use mk or hk.

And when she does her U2 to viper, its sexy. :hitit:

Can ex-counter’s be used as a wakeup reversal (vs meaty attacks)? I’m not sure I understand the exact mechanics of the reversal frame on wake-up. Does the move need to invincible to reversal, or does it give you 1 frame of invincibility allowing you to do a 1 frame move (like ex-counter)?

Nothing like that.

All a Reversal is, is the game telling you that you executed a special move on the first possible frame you were able to do so. So for example, if you get knocked down and do EX Counter at the soonest possible time, that’s a Reversal.

They don’t get any invincibility or anything. The only thing that happens with Reversals is that they become Armor Breaking if they weren’t already.