"Mmm... You look like you're in good shape": Juri Q&A and General Discussion Thread

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Let’s see if I can ask a naive question: how safe is it actually to use Juri’s counter? How easy is it for another character to option select against it, and what are recommended situations to use it (if anything)? I’ve looked around and couldn’t find much information about the counter, so I’m not sure how useful and safe of a tool it is. Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, the counter teleport isn’t immune to throws or armor breaking moves. It does have recovery frames. It isn’t something you want to abuse to get yourself out of pressure. It can be baited and punished very badly. Even when you use HP or EX Teleport and you go airborne, if they are ready, they can still get you (which is why it is good to mix up which direction you go in, in and out of the air).

It’s useful in fireball wars. It is useful in getting and getting out, but that really comes down to how unpredictable you are with it.

#1: Counters lose to Throws, Armor break, Block
#2: Normal Counter has 3f startup, Ex version 1f
#3: Can hardly be OSed because triggering counter counts as a “hit”

In Fireball Wars:

  • Normal Counter has very limited use because you can always just Divekick over fireballs,
    which actually punishes them rather than “might punish, might get you punished”.
    If you reacted too late to Divekick punish, MP Counter is an okay choice to gain distance (eg against Ryu).
  • Ex Counter useless (never worth the bar)

When Pressured:

  • MP Counter is a viable choice against quick characters where Backdash/Focusbackdash is likely to not get you out of trouble,
    as long as those characters don’t have a closerange spammable Armor Breaker (eg against Fei it’s neat, against Dan a no-go)
  • Ex Counter if you’re a) really fucking scared b) used very sparingly to crossup if you expect your opponent to press a button after he triggered your Counter
    Very rarely worth the meter, but occasionaly this can be used as a means to get out of the corner (Up>Divekick out if you want to be safer than with the Crossup).

On Wakeup:

  • Normal Counter is useless (3f noninvincible startup + low amount of active frames means you lose against everything)
  • Ex Counter beats classic safejumps and as such is a more or less viable option. Problem is that it costs a bar and can’t be made safe,
    so very very risky. Flat loses to Akuma (DF>Palm), don’t attempt it. In general: Use it… sparingly.
    Mind: If you get crossed up, it will go the opposite direction than you meant it to. If you’re not sure where your opponent lands, Up>Divekick.
    Also: Never do the upforward crossup. While you can combo into Ult and shit, any non-asleep opponent will AA you out of it for at least 100 dmg.

Anything else?

  • Blanka crossup balls die to counter. If you’re sure they won’t hit during the 3f startup window, use HP one, else Ex>Up.
    If the ball hit normally, depending on meter you get a 144 Punish (Full Divekick) or … a lot (Ex Dive>Followups)
    If the ball was a crossup, you’re looking in the wrong direction (Divekick would shoot you away), so your best option is nj.HK for 100 Damage.
    Beware that he can control his position on the Ex one, so this can be baited (he can direct it so it lands next to you rather than hitting).
  • Ex version is very useable against Ibukis Vortex since you usually see her throw the kunai and just don’t know where it’s going to hit.
  • Against Bison, I wouldn’t advise it - Headstomp loses to HP Counter, but the followup punch ensures that your best punish is the HK,
    and he can always mix it up with Devils Reverse, whose longer flighttime will catch you outside the active frames. Stick to cr.MK here.
  • [S]Possibly useable against Gens Oga; I have 0 Gen experience. Doubt it to be good since he can direct Oga in 20 different ways so it’s probably going to lose.[/S] OH LOL I FEARED AS MUCH

TL;DR: Very limited use, mostly a highrisk-highreward-gimmick.

Anyone find any unblockables off her forward throw in the corner?

The big list of corner setups Ctrl+F “unblockable”.

Don’t even try on Ogas, it’s armor breaking. Gen hands is also armor breaking.
In general, ex counter crossup works well, since nobody knows how to react to it. But you have the time to FA, anti air, whiff punish the nj.hk

I did make some OSes come out after an ex counter, but they normally shouldn’t since the absorbed hit isn’t whiffed.

Thanks! I should of went through the character page a little more thoroughly, but usually its just shitposters asking obvious question that are answered in a sticky.

Ok so I’m new to juri and I was just wondering how practical fireball to ultra 2 is because for me it is annoyingly hard to do on the player 1 side.

Very practical, just difficult. Hell, Juicebox beat a Gief at evo this past year thanks to LK FB Release > FADC > u2. Gave us the Juicebox Dance and everything :slight_smile: It is a very good tool to use

Out of the corner, FADC is her only option into U2 if you need to use it. If LK FB Release > FADC > u2 is seeming too difficult, you can opt for: LK FB Release > FA Charge to lvl 2 > dash > u2. Much easier once you have the timing down, but can be spacing specific. At max range, FA can whiff.

Does Fireball to Ultra even mean FADC or Store>Ult? Either way it’s really good and both are very practical.
FADC>Ult is not even really hard, you just have to be … fast. Which really screws up other FADC timings. Once you learn Juris, your Ryu Ults are going to shoot under peoples bodies because you input the Ultra too fast. Good thing Ryu is a dickwad anyhow^-^
Store>Ult is just annoying. And only works midscreen on… few characters. And in general hitting with Store isn’t too likely. And it doesn’t deal damage. Definitely the less important of the two to learn. But it feels manly to do it.

heck if you get a counter hit from fuhajin, which is super rare, you get a free ultra, has to be in the corner too. >.>;;;;;; you’re like +12 so you have 2 frames to u2 which is nothing in terms of execution.
Fadc into u2 can get kinda fun if you use your mind. You can fadc into u2 off of most jf.mp set ups such as jf.mp ex dive kick to u2. Off of hk fuhajin in the corner, another super rare thing to have happen. You can even u2 from ex lk fuhajin but it’s very strict and glitches and Juri doesn’t get full animation and you whiff and then you die…this game sometimes man…smh

Hey guys i’m looking for a second character to play so i’m wondering which are her worsts matchups in AE 2012? I was skimming back through a couple of page and saw some info on certain matchups but i’m not sure if the info is still relevant right now.

anything that’s lame kills her. Anything with better buttons kills her hence avoid school girls named sakura. She does fairly well against most of the cast though. Just the above mentioned rape her to no end.

3.5: Honda is her worst matchup
4.0: Bison, Sakura other main problems
4.0?: Dhalsim, Blanka apparently (can’t say much about either)
4.5: Cammy, Akuma, Yun abuse her wakeup + are difficult to keep out, Guile is hard to get in on
???: Hakan who the fuck knows

Everyone else she goes even with or beats.

E: Mind that you usually have the more difficult task than your opponent even in your advantageous matchups though.

Bison and sakura get easier when you get the life lead but then again you could die super easy from them IE sakura lands ex tatsu resets you ex tatsu you again into ultra and you die…

How does she do against rufus/abel/makoto?

4-6, 5-5, 5-5.

I main Guile and it’s definitely something I feel when I take up Juri… I thought it was just me but her gameplan feels a lot trickier to implement a lot of the time.

And thanks for the pointers on her counter, especially on Blanka’s balls!

Guile and Deejay can be pretty hard, feels like a 2873521873587213-1 until you sit down and gain matchup knowledge.

FSE is a godsend against chargies, especially by the corner.