"Mmm... You look like you're in good shape": Juri Q&A and General Discussion Thread

According to this post Juri move data (including AE changes)

You do lose the two frames.

If you need that specific timing you can always do the pinwheel before the dash since you can’t jump cancel the dash too early

Posers, I hated Fuerte before it was cool. Just because there aren’t any in California doesn’t mean I haven’t had to try to deal with two of 'em.

El Toro Fuerte is greatest!

@Q3 / 2MP recovery discussion, the few frames that take Juri back to her initial position are not taken into account in her framedata, they don’t count as recovery frames, they are only here to make the animation smooth but can be cancelled with anything, even forward walk.
You don’t gain any frame advantage when cancelling these frames, you’re at -1 on guard (iirc) at the moment you can cancel them.

Fucking love this guy. Him, deice, doc gram… Always trust them to bring the knowledge that I trust.

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So to recap. Normals cancelled don’t change data. Bam.

Q1: Dashing can be cancel 2 frames into specials, ultras, supers and dashing. What about jumping? Or normals. If her dash is 19 frames this makes it 17 frames?

Q2: how many frames is a jumping attack on recovery and can I cancel these into a special, super, ultra. I think I asked this already.

Q3: genkibot and myself talked about this. On the frame data. If a move has 3 frames start up, active for 2 frames then should I -1 frame because the 3rd frame is active frame 1? Or is active frame 1 frame 4? If a move is calculates at 12 frames total should I -1 for Its total duration?

Q4: I’m reaching now. I want taunt frames that I can jump out of it.

Due to Close mp moving in so far on hit the following combo:

Cr.Mk x St.Mp x St.Hk x Cr.Hp x pinwheel (otherwise termed FSE punisher in the option-select dot com tutorial video)

Now its on even more of the cast works on Abel, Gen, Guy and a couple others it didnt used to work on. Still doesnt work on Viper, Cammy, Rose and Sakura. The punisher can be done after a pinwheel FADC, except you leave ou the cr.mk to do more damage, the cr.hp still whiffs on the above characters though.

Also an overhead combo:

Sekku xx st.mp xx cr.mk xx cr.hp xx st.hk xx pinwheel

This does over 400 damage and works on Vega, Makoto, Bison, Gouken, Honda, Cody, Cammy and Viper. All other characters require you do something different. This can be extended to 500 damage with a pinwheel FADC.

Chun li and El Fuerte cant be hit with close medium punch after overhead, the hit stun animation doesnt allow it.

Sagat and Balrog are considered far after landing overhead sometimes so you cant get close mp.

There are 4 frames of landing recovery. If you did an attack in the air, you can’t do anything for the first 2 landing frames except for teching throws. For the rest of the recovery, you can block or do any move (including normals or throws), but you can’t dash, crouch, or jump.

The way the frame data is documented can actually vary depending on the game, but in the case of SFIV, the startup frames and active frames do intersect on 1 frame.

Fucking love doc gram. Damn!!! stamps him bnk approved.

Can anyone find me the taunt frames? If I taunt and jump cancel it… How many frames is that?

I been away from the forums for awhile, but has anyone noticed Juri’s j.rh crosses up?

always has. spacing needs to be spot on though, unless you’re in the corner.

I’ve always hated him, his mix up is lame.

Depends on the taunt

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Kidding. Nah I wanna see how many frames can I use before I can cancel it. It’s a mashable action that’s easymode timing.

With the new cl.MP we can go for easier plinked counterhit setup.
Sekku(ch) > cl.MP > combo.
cr.MP(ch) or meaty > hold forward > cl.MP > combo.
After a cr.MP you’re usually right at the limit between close and far on most characters, so if you hold forward you prevent the extra frames after cr.MP from moving you backward you can link cl.MP behind it.

Also Senpusha(ch) FA lv2 works.

Very rare do i see the words “counterhit” when i use overhead, but to be fair id be lieing if i said it never happens, its defo something to keep in mind. Ill give the ch/meaty mp thing a go when i can too, seems legit though.

Genkibot posted on this a few days ago. He also said it’s a tight frame trap on hit

Unblockable found on chun. Trying on the rest of the cast. Dunno how tight of a setup is it. Doesn’t avoid ex sbk.

Just tried it on ryu… Must be blocked non cross up. Can lead to tricky ambiguous jump ins and avoids reversals. I’ll post results in a bit

Shit. I was asleep when I posted this. Lol. Forgot the setup.

Forward throw > kasatushi > j.hp.

Tell me what you think.

Ryu - block non cross up, safe
Ken - block non cross up, safe
Honda block non cross up- whiff, safe
Ibuki - block non cross up , teleport out
Makoto - block non cross up, safe.
Dudley - block cross up, machine out
Seth - no!!
Gouken - block cross up, counter punish
Akuma - block non cross up, safe
Gen - block non cross up, safe
Dan - block cross up, safe
Sakura - block non cross up, safe
Oni - block non cross up, safe
Yun - block non cross up, safe
Juri - block cross up, whiffs, fse avoids
Chunli - unblockable, ex sbk
Dhalsim - block non cross up, safe
Abel - block non cross up, safe, roll escape
Viper - block non cross up, safe
Bison - block non cross up, safe
Sagat - whiffs, safe
Cammy - whiff, safe.
Deejay - whiffs, ex up kicks punish
Cody - block non cross up, safe
Guy - block non cross up, safe, ex run escape
Hakan - block non cross up, safe, ultra 2 punish
Yang - block non cross up, safe, teleport escapes
Evil ryu - block non cross up, safe
Guile, normal whiff, cross up hit, non reversal punish flash, ultra 1 1 hit
Blanka - , ex up ball
Gief - block non cross up, safe
Rufus - block cross up, safe
Fuerte - block normal, cross up whiff, no ultra, ex run escapes
Vega - block cross up, safe
Balrog - whiff, safe
Fei - block cross up, block normal whiff, safe.
Hawk - whiff, ex command grab and ex hawk punish her
Adon - block cross up, safe
Rose - whiff, safe

I cant make alot of sence of your list, whats “block cross up/non crossup + safe/whiff” mean? Either the move is a fake crossup (ie hits on the regular side) or the move hits crossup, i dont know how to make much sence of what youve written.

Either way i know what your trying to get at, J.Hp never really hits crossup in the corner unless you time it very late, if you do it right on there head it hits before you crossup so you can mix it up with j.mk timed abit later. You dont really need a setup for it as the timing isnt that strict and can be done off pretty much any knockdown in the corner, thats not a setup for the chun unblockable either, does not work, i dont know why its working for you, you must be doing the counter late and as early as possible like your supposed to (its meant to help you time the move). This mixup i know for a fact doesnt work on Honda and Vega (probably a couple of others too id have to check) so i dont know what youve done to make it seem like it works.

does this work in both corners? afaik, or at least when i try, i can only get j.fierce to land in front in the left corner. crosses up in the right :confused: