"Mmm... You look like you're in good shape": Juri Q&A and General Discussion Thread

thinking of trying to work on some high low mix ups during fse. Where was that list for cross up divekicks? The set up i have in mind is a corner only thing. Wherein i beat my stock release go for a cross up dive kick opponent blocks my dive kick the fireball hits him to either create pressure or get a hit confirm on the fireball. Or i let the fireball hit and go for the cross up dive kick. I’ve tried to do a reg jump but they are too slow but dive kick works just fine from what i’ve tried out. Any thoughts or opinions?

Doesnt matter which corner, the side it hits on is not the side you land on (usually), if that makes any sence, like for some characters you will land outside the corner on the left side of the screen but inside the corner for the right side of the screen, that doesnt matter, the move still hits regular/fake crossup (as in not crossup) despite what side of the corner you land in.

Credits to Gamgab again:

Unblockable on Sakura:

Fake cross-up on:
Viper Ryu Ken Dan Oni E.Ryu Bison

Personally calling out ALL PSN Players who play to come join the PSN sessions again. Now that im on break, ill be able to show up on the session days more frequently now. JOIN!!!

Also enjoying the new Juri, st.mp is so fast lol. I love it. And FSE…<3 I still need to practice but its just too sick now.

if anybody happens to be in this situation: juri vs u1 dictator. score a knockdown and activate fse, empty neutral jump to bait the u1 and it works, don’t try and chase him. it’s pretty embarrassing D:

yeah it’s pretty sad when you bait out bipson’s u1. Now with fse dash you can make him look more foolish by killing him.

lol bipson. that’s the problem though, the new fse dash. if you chase him up after he activates/whiffs, you actually dash under and back into the ultra. i did it last night and lost. screamed like a little bitch i was that shocked haha

I was thinking, if Bison does a devils reverse when Juri has u1 activated, couldn’t she dash and punish the landing from even more distance with the buff?

edit: or even activate u1 when he is in the air and punish him on the way down?

yup, can also activate, dash, punish sim after instant j.fierce overhead, even on hit. that and a few other things are in mike’s new video :slight_smile:

Yah I did that ultra vs sim before it was funny.

I have a general question about qcf. The spring in my stick is on it’s last legs, every1 who examined said it’s really loose and terrible, had to borrow random sticks at that tourny I went to and I’m waiting on a spring I purchased from focus attack so I don’t know if it has anything to do with what I’m about to ask but

sometimes the wrong special comes out when I do a qcf, I don’t know if it’s the spring messing it up, or I’m buffering pressing the button too fast. An example of my problem is I might do crouch medium kick with juri and try to cancel into a LIGHT fireball, but I cancel into a medium. Another example is I do crouch medium kick and attempt to cancel into light senpusha to set up an ex pinwheel (bait the -4) but I get a medium pinwheel so I get punished hard.

Happens similarly with Rose, sometimes I try to do crouch mp to spiral, but I get fireball instead.

What execution error is causing this and how do I stop it? It’s awful and gets me into horrible punishes

maybe you’re just accidently hitting the other buttons? i used to always hit random buttons by accident and then i switched to seimitsu (require more force to activate) and since then my inputs are quite a bit cleaner. it’s all preference in the end, but if you bash your buttons pretty hard and/or rest your fingers on them, seimitsu ps-14’s might be a wise option.

it could be negative edge or your buttons are wired wrong, but i would think it’s the first thing. the spring wouldn’t really have anything to do with this kind of error, though sometimes a badly or un-lubricated joystick will cause random or bad inputs. the last joystick in my hrap-vx lost a lot of lube after constant changing of springs and colours and started to give me completely random inputs. it would double up anything i pressed, so if i was walking forward i would dash, and the same with back, amongst other things. our dollar is very close these days, so a new jlf should only set you back around $20, and buttons maybe a bit more.

hit the lab with inputs on and just freestyle for about 30 minutes with your eye on the inputs and see if you pick anything up. could also try watching back any notable match replays where this has happened, with inputs on to check.

Negative edge, button press release counts as an input for specials, what you think your doing is cr.mk QCF LK, what your actually doing is Cr.Mk QCF MK > LK, dont hold down on the buttons, lazy fingers syndrome.

needs moar seimitsu syndrome :stuck_out_tongue:

This is exactly what I was doing wrong. It’s working perfectly now. Thank you very much!

That’s actually the stick I ordered to replace mine, it’s really stiff how my original one was that I love. Can’t wait for it

I’m trying to make a firm commitment to maining Juri in 2012, but there’s so much effort I have to put in to get her to the level of my Sakura.

I will try though!

Sakura takes no skill. That’s why

Lol. Sakura isnt that dumb. She does more damage than juri can ever dream of doing. Love them both. I hope u do well relearning juri.

Sakura takes far less skill than juri does, and has a bigger pay off.

sucks his teeth


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