MMO/FPS concept controller

I like PC gaming to and was thinking about this to a little arcade fun to my games. The challenge will be finding a board with macro ability.

I don’t know about this.

Also is that image I am looking at supposed to be 2 controller concepts or 1?

I uhh… I think it’s for two different concepts. Or just a shit ton of buttons on one very large controller.

looks like he just wants to make a command pad on the side for playing the old republic

can’t you just program any board

Use a software Macro function on PC. Also, FPS games on a trackball is ridiculous, and the current layout would make it hard to look and shoot at the same time in my opinion.

It’s two optional layouts, I was considering a track ball in the panel or a mouse pad on deck for lap gaming.

Yes it is a glorified command pad but I find arcade style buttons a lot more satisfying, I could program any board but that is not nearly as awesome.

For PC games I do suggest something like this

You do not have to get this particular model, but this is great for a reprogramable 1 handed controller for PC games.
The other hand operates the mouse.