MMOs suck... But play Allods Online anyway

first its free
second its like WoW
three its made by russians
four its got a high production value
five its free

get a beta key for here

sign up for gpotato account here as well as dl

ive heard good things about it cause its even better than runes of magic
ill give it a shot…!

what the fuck is this shit???

Show me a screenshot of the female character.

I’m gonna try this, because it’s (as I understand) set in the Rage of Mages(old games) universe… And also it is by Nival who did Heroes V. And also one of the 3d artists working on it is kind of an idol. He does awesome stuff.

But yeah, MMOs suck. Except for Guild Wars. Which doesn’t even really count.


Well, here’s one from the artist i mentioneds blog:

Guild Wars has sucked for a few years.

not hot:(

I think…I like where this is going. :coffee:

But it never forces me to grind, and doesn’t cost anything. Suits my “play for a week, then forget” MMO playstyle perfectly. Except I actually come back to GW, which has never happened with an MMO for me before.

Are those supposed to be women…?

I, too, go back to Guild Wars every so often. Not much for me to do, but I like to see the changes and hit up Wintersday or other GW events.

I assume it’s some sort of undead/android race.

Yeah, same here. Currently looking forward to return to GW for some snowball matches during Wintersday.

Been playing a bit now… I think it’s equal to WoW/Warhammer in graphics and presentation(but more awesome, because I’m an undead cyborg and there are space boats), but then again I only tried those for a very short time. Gameplay is pretty standard MMO so far.

Note to self: find less silly clothes lol

if they have chicks that look like my girl in my avatar ill play

:frowning: bad guys don’t get kitties :’(

How is this game?

It is free, so I’m skeptical, but it seems like a decent timesink.

its fun
i love how its developed by russians
you can easily make lenin, stalin, hitler, other european notables etc

for example. this lenin that i made

Why would I play something that’s already got four strikes against it?

Damn. I missed the giveaway.



open beta is up and running

yah, not great selling points at all.

its the exact same art direction lol