MM's best???

best assists, and best weapon???

i’d say rockball is his best

and for assists… doom, blackheart, sentinel

steve, could u set me straight? my MM/cable/sentinel team is kinda… no it IS shit…


You got it right…

Rockball is his most effective weapon (IMO), Tornado Hold is very good too though, so that could be debated, just dont get stuck with Leaf Shield…ugh

And Doom AAA, BH AAA, and Sent Ground all help best to trap…

I would say Tornado Hold is better than Rockball… trying to get Rockball on the useful fights usually leads to trouble, and Tornado Hold is required to fight Sentinel.

As for assists, I say Commando and drones are the best.

i’m still using MM/sent/cyke, and i like it.