MM's super sale! Prices lowered!

I need this sold before I leave on Friday, larger orders get priority. I will only charge actual price for shipping. PM with any questions, thanks!!

-------Stick Boxes:

American Style box w/ brand new HAPP parts- $38

JP style box-$30 (has since been painted, then sanded, still some white left over)

American style box - $32 (top left button hole drilled into plexi is a tad too big, small mark on the back of box)

American style box- $32

American style box- $32 (holes 2,4,and 6 were drilled a hair too large into plexi)

Unfinished Poplar JP style box $25 (bottom cover needs to be added, stick mounting layer not yet drilled in, plexi holes not yet drilled)

Unfinished Poplar JP style box $25 (bottom cover needs to be added, stick mounting layer not yet drilled in)

Modified Agetec Shell- $18 (missing bottom plate, some use as seen in pics, semitsu start button drilled in)

Pelican American Stick Shell w/ Brand new HAPP parts- $32

White Tekken 5 stick shell (painted white, button holes filed down so semitsu/sanwas can fit, small amount of shelf wear as seen in pics, not original screws) $33

Unfinished stick box (bottom half is leather, top half is not yet connected) -$10

Hori fighting stick 3 shell (button holes filed down to fit sanwas/semitsus, small shelf wear as seen in pics) $15


Pre-wired official Dreamcast PCB- $15

Pre-wired GC PCB (pelican, mostly wired to microswitches) $7

Official Sega Saturn PCB $5

Official Dreamcast PCB (began wiring, never finished) $6

Official Dreamcast PCB (began wiring, never finished) $7

Pelican ps2 PCB $3

Dreamcast Blaze Arcade stick PCB $7

Hori Tekken 5 PCB- no cord $5

------Sticks & buttons

Used LS-40-01 $12

Pair of brand new Yaton sticks w/ mounting plates $12 for both

Green sanwa balltop $1.50

LS-40-01 switch board $ 4

LS-40-01 wiring harness (new) $1.40

Dreamcast agetec parts lot- $9 (some buttons are painted)

------Dreamcast Shells (dyed and/or painted)

Red (comes with controller top shell and red VMU as well) $22

Black $16

flat burgundy (some wear as seen in pics, top controller shell included) $16

— Big Ps2 game/hardware bundle $90

PS2 console is not included!

X-Arcade 2 Player Arcade Joystick w/ PS2 connector
Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Controller
Talk.Net Mic kit (New)
Interact Racing controller (new)
Madcatz racing controller (new)
Eye Toy
Controller Extension Cord

Games (complete unless otherwise noted)

Tekken Tag Tournament (non GH)
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 1
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (non-GH)
Tribes: Aerial Assault (disc+case)
GTA: Vice City (disc+ case)
Spy Hunter (disc+ Case)
Surfing H30
Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
GunGriffon Blaze (signed!!!)
Intellivision Lives
Eye Toy: Antigrav
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (disc+case)
Magix Music Maker (sealed)
Socom 2 (disc only)
Need for Speed Underground (disc only)
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (disc only)

Demos (complete unless otherwise noted):

Prince of Persia Sands of time (sealed)
Gretzky NHL 06 (sealed)
Shadow of the Colossus (sealed)
Jak 2 (seaoled)
Moto GP 4( sealed)
SSX On tour (sealed)
MotoGP 4(sealed)
Dragon Quest 8
Front Mission 4 demo disc (disc Only)

**-------Wii **

Snk arcade classics wii $7
No more heroes wii $9
Medal of honor heroes 2 wii $9
Nexxtech wii fan $1

-----Sega Saturn

Panzer dragoon jp $3
Theme park $4
Sega ages signed $35
Romance the three kingdoms 4 $4.50
Nfl qb club 96 saturn $1
Mansion of hidden souls $5
Mass destruction $7
Nba action 98 sealed $3.50
Lost and found volume 3 $29
Daytona Saturn slipcase $1
Sega Saturn bootleg sampler $1
Panzer dragoon demo $2
Sega Saturn 3d pad $4

Lost & Found Volume 3- $29 each
Only 50 copies of L&F Volume 3 were made for the Sega Saturn by the now defunct company Oldergames. Oldergames recently sold off the rest of their stock, so you won’t see copies of either of these games floating around any time soon. Volume one goes for $200 now…

Lot of 68 brand new copies of World Series Baseball 98 and NBA Action 98- $12
(All games and whatnot are brand new. There are no jewel cases. 47 NBA Action 98 discs with 49 manuals/back inserts. 21 world series Baseball 98 discs along with 28 manuals/back inserts. Included are the promotional brochures from Sega)

Replacement Sega Saturn Cases (brand new)- $2 each (these cases are mint or near mint and brand new. Only 1 left)

Replacement Sega Saturn Cases (near mint)- $1.10 each
These cases are brand new and unused, though they will most likely have a couple very light hairline scratches from sitting in a box. NONE will have cracks or chips of any kind. In other words, these are almost mint.

Replacement Sega Saturn Cases (fair condition)- $1 each (these cases are brand new, but may have a crack or small chip on them. They may also have a few scratches or scoffs on them.)

Replacement System Batteries (new)- $.30 each!


Dc mouse $2
Kof dream match 99 jp dc $6
Capcom vs snk 2 jp DC scratched $12
Bleem tekken 3 $6
NFL 2k DC $1
Silver dc $2
Thps disc only $1
Crazy taxi 2disc only $3
Tokyo xtreme racer 2 dc $4
Chefs love shack dc $2
Fighting force 2 dc $3
Rocker pack sealed dc $2
Bust a move 4 disc only rental $2.50
Generator vol 2 dreamcast $1

Brand New Jump Pack - $2.50


Akira plush $2
Candy plush $2
2 oem nes controllers $2 ea
Ghost recon 2 360 $5
Tekken 3 psone non gh $4
Club Saturn music cd $5
Gran turismo 2 gh $4
Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast psp $10
9 more holes of xmas sealed xbox $5
Sprung ds $3
Viewtiful joe gamecube $3
Rocky cart only sms $1
Hang on safari hunt cart only sms $1
Hang on astro warrior sms $2

–Cell Phones

Nokia N79 w/ screen crack… Not too bad, comes with everything inc. 4gb card. Some wear as seen in pics. 5mp Carl Zeiss camera and s60 3rd edition make this thing fly. $110

Unlocked iPhone 2g (4gb)- small portion of the touch screen no longer works, making it impossible to get past a screen or 2. Speaker sounds a bit tinny and the camera function freezes or gives it an error. Likely a botched firmware update. SCREEN IS NOT CRACKED. Digitizer has a scratch, not a crack. $50

Samsung Blackjack 2- Installed Windows Mobile 6.1 and the thing works well, some wear on the phone as seen in the pics. $40

Sony Ericsson w580i- Lots of games installed, “crack on keypad paint” issue is here, though they work fine and can be fixed for like 3 dollars. $30

i’m interested in T5 case, which i saw and O__O it looks wonderful!
also cvs2 :D!
but i don’t live in the US 8(
good luck!

how much is shipping for the white t5 case shipped to 06516?

Dude, I am still going through all your stuff, but I need that LS-32 mounting plate. If I need something else you have, I will let you know, but I got first dibs on that plate. Paypal info please!

EDIT : Zip Code 06511

For the American Style box w/ brand new HAPP parts, no pcb i assume so is that x360 pcb common ground? If so how much for shipping for both to 66739?

total for shipping of the $25 Agetec shell to 98002 please =)

I think I got dibs on this.

Would like to know shipping to 90024 or 95023 whichever is cheaper.

And do you happen to have the dimensions on this one?

American Style box w/ brand new HAPP parts- $45

norris stick case- shipped to 70726 (denham springs, la)?

i’d be interested in the norris case shipped to 45140 if zeetes falls through. need a case!

edit* sorry, nvmd

PM sent

PM Sent.

PM sent

PM Sent

I will take all of this

4X Sanwa black/gray OBSF-30 pushbuttons (new) $6.50
6X Sanwa green OBSF-30 pushbuttons (new) $10
5x blue sanwa OBSN-30 pushbuttons (new, no nuts) $7.50
5x white sanwa OBSN-30 pushbuttons (used, no nuts) $7.50
8x red semitsu pushbuttons (new) $12
Hori button/balltops lot- $23 (a few buttons are painted)

Used LS-32 $9 as long as it is in good condition

Just send me a PM with payment details

Hey guys, between here and other forums I posted my sale thread on I have recieved over 100 PMs, so I am trying to sort through them all. Everything is being put into consideration, but I am going to give priority for volume orders, and make it a first come first serve basis.

i’m still interested in the norris case and was hoping to send you payment today, but i’m off to work!

actually i’d like to buy the ls 40-01 pcb as well

pm sent

Hey guys, I updated my post to reflect whats sold/unsold. I also dropped the prices on a number of items since I need this all gone ASAP. I am still sorting through PMs, so hang tight.