MMU - Mega Man Unlimited (PC Fan Game)

For the longest time I thought this was fake. Looks like I was wrong and its release is imminent.

Looks good for a fan-made game.

This should be the new Megaman topic since the last one fell to Skynet.

It’s going to wind up like the actual Mega Man-- neglected and forgotten aside from the occasional fan game, or cameo in someone else’s game… However, that being said:


Thank you, based Sakurai…

It looks almost as polished as Megaman X Street Fighter, I will play it. I just wanna see Cut Man playable in a versus game, as an entire character, not just a move or an assist, or any of the things capcom would troll me with.

Not a big fan of Mega Man but this looks better than 9 and 10.

This drops in a few days, can’t wait. I could barely tell it was a fan game

when it does drop cop it fast in case the c&d comes rollin in like thunder

Looks like it’ll be the best MM fan game ever made.

Most def. I don’t see Capcom being too thrilled about a fan game being better than their own games without them shutting it down or licensing it from the developer (ala Street Fighter X Megaman).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a MM fan game get hit with a C&D, even the demakes. Plus, once it hits the internet it’ll be on it forever regardless (see Streets of Rage Remake).

Capcom will find a way to kill free distribution and sell it as their own. Lazy fuckers.

I would not be completely opposed to that. As lazy as they are, this game is possibly the closest we’ll get to another official classic MM game. Either way it goes down, I’m fine with it because the game looks awesome

Great, more encouragement for capcom to make another stupid ass 8-bit MM game.

The game is out! Grab it here!

I have to go to work so won’t be able to touch this till tonight. I’m hearing it is very tough from the facebook comments.

I welcome anything that encourages Capcom to do a Megaman game at all. Anyway, fuck them right now, it’s about this fangame, go out and play it! If you want a non 8bit MM game hope like hell MMX Corrupted makes it out of development hell.

Anyone else getting ridiculously slow download speeds ?

Is this available for Mac too? Or is just PC?

…download it now before the Copcoms…

And I was able to download/extract with the quickness (PC, laptop). Hmmm… no more charging mega buster? Damn, dat old-school difficulty…

If you need another mirror, here is the one they posted on their facebook:

Haven’t played it yet just got back from work and checking out Evo. Still hearing good things.

Fuck, this game is hard. Asshole Megaman lol