MN Meltdown - Minneapolis, MN - 8/15/2009


It’s time again for a big summer gaming event in Minnesota - MN Meltdown!

MN Meltdown
Saturday, August 15, 2009
1:00pm - after midnight

$10 venue fee + $5 entry per tournament

The venue will be the same as last year (although in the room across the hall). The hotel changed names since then, but it is the same place:

Ramada Plaza Hotel
1330 Industrial Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Memphis Room
Google Maps

We will have both tournaments and casual gaming. The official tournaments are as follows. The timing is tentative and may be adjusted as needed:

1:00 - 2:00: sign-ups for all games
2:15 - Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2)
2:30 - BlazBlue (PS3)
3:00 - King of Fighters '98 (Neo-Geo)
4:00 - Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix (PS3)
5:30 - Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Neo-Geo)
5:45 - King of Fighters XII (PS3)
6:00 - Street Fighter III: Third Strike (PS2)
7:00 - Street Fighter IV (PS3)

Tournament Signup Sheet - this will be available on site for you to fill out.

We are trying to decide which version of KoF98 and Garou to run. We have the option of running KoF98 on Neo-Geo (old school) or running KoF98:Ultimate Match on PS2. Likewise, we can run Garou on Neo-Geo or on PS2. Which version would everyone prefer?
We will be running KoF98 on Neo-Geo. Garou will be run on Neo-Geo.

Also, there will probably be opportunity to run some additional games as side tournaments if there is enough interest. Possibilities include Guilty Gear XXAC, Twinkle Star Sprites, Magical Drop 3, etc. The decision on whether those games will be run will be made on the day of the event.

Tournament Rules
Tournaments will pay out 60/30/10% to the top 3. All tournaments will be double-elimination with standard tournament rules regarding glitches, character selection, etc. All games will be best 2/3 rounds and best 2/3 matches (except CvS2, which will be a standard ratio match, best 2/3 matches).

This event is being run in conjunction with the folks from As such there should be a focus on Neo-Geo and other retro gaming. We plan to have other casual games going such as Rock Band, Twinkle Star Sprites, Metal Slug, etc., so even if you’re not interested in tournaments, there should be a lot to do.

MN Meltdown thread on

The hotel does not allow outside food or drink in the event room. However, there are vending machines and water available. We will have a regular hotel room available so people can bring refreshments and eat/drink in that room. There is a convenience store and a Wendy’s across the street as well. Plus, the venue is about a mile away from Rosedale Mall, which has a bunch of eating options.

In order to run this event, we need people to bring some equipment, namely TVs, consoles and games. Please let me know if you are able to bring any of the following equipment:

PS3, PS2, Neo-Geo

TVs (either CRT TVs, HD monitors or HDTVs with Game Mode - this is so they don’t lag)

SF3:3S (PS2 Anniversary Collection), SF4 (PS3 with all characters unlocked), CvS2 (PS2), BlazBlue (PS3), KoF12 (PS3), Garou (PS2 or NG), KoF98 (NG or UM on PS2)

Equipment List


I’ll be there! I’ll try to see if I can bring PS3/TV. Not sure if I’ll actually be there all day depends on my work schedule though. But I’ll definitely make it for the last few games!




Myspace: Site is acting too stubborn.


I dont think I can make it this year, but I’ll let you know if things change. Either way, hope you guys have a great event!


If this wasn’t on the same weekend as our own event I’d have tried my best to make it down.


Ill look into this!

BTW: 360 version of Garou seems to be a good port (besides online).

Better than ps2 port anyway.

neo version would be ideal though (if convertors are available)


I’ll be there, any word on SF2 side tourney at all though?


That’s a possibility. Although most people around here have sticks for PS2 and don’t have sticks for X360.

As for convertors for the Neo version, I believe the folks that own the Neos would probably provide Neo-Geo sticks for people to use. At least that’s what we’ve done in the past. So get used to the Neo button layout: :lovin:


I’m leaning heavily towards there being an HD Remix tournament, however as with all extra tournaments (besides KoF12), we’ll wait until the day of to actually decide on what other tourneys to run (based on who shows up, what people want to play, the time available, etc.).


Cool, I’ll try my hand at the Neo games too and if needed I’ll help out in HDR/ST, just let me know how I can. What are the chances of that awesome cab showing up again?


Hey hEY! im 90% sure im coming… it’ll be nice to throw down in Sf 4 and 3s… i’ll let most of the guys here know we’ll come in a group too!!! see you there guys!


TarkanX… TSS money match :lovin:


Does that mean you’re coming?


My wife keeps pointing out that we live in Florida… and my response is so?:badboy:


Ugh id rather not play than be forced to use that layout.


Anyway ive never been to MN and yall cool so Ill try to keep my options open.


I’m down. I’m not a baller, so we’ll have to negotiate during the event.

Would be good to see you come. Your match with Baka was pixels…

By the way, just get a tototek converter, they’re about 5-10 bucks, and people have said good things about them.

I’m thinking about running a mystery tournament this year. I think it would fit well with the theme of the event. Don’t know what games would be in there, though.


BlazBlue tournament gonna consist of like 5 people @_@

Planning on tons of practicing as soon as my work projects are handled. Gotta bring the 13 tier whore power.


I know there is a few people that will be entering a BB tourney that do not post here… :cool:

BTW: Stefan, you guys going to have people pre-register for the tourney’s like has been done in previous years? Just curious… to see who’s entering what…


Man, hopefully I can go to the tournament. My Abel has been really hungry and I’ve been working on some “new” tricks. Fufufu. :chat: Lets hope for an awesome turn out. Peaces.



Actually, I’m planning to do what I did last year, which is have a sign-up sheet with a list of all the games on it. Then when people sign up, they just check the games they’re signing up for and I collect all the entry fees at once. That way everything is streamlined and I can get the brackets started early. Plus all the money stuff is out of the way at once.

I’ll post a PDF of the sign up sheet in a while so people can get familiar with it. Then, I’ll have a bunch printed available for people to sign up at the event.


Oh my. I’ve been gone for wayy too long and now there’s another Meltdown. Awesome. I should be able to come to this.

I can provide a PS2 and Anniversary like before. Maybe a tv. Maybe.

Also, I really did like that sort of interest system for games not listed you used last year.

I think we can get enough interest for smash. I know brawl would definitely get about the same or even more participants than last year. I’m not sure what the status of the MNsmash forum is currently, but I’m sure a good amount of them will participate. We also a pretty good amount of smash players coming from Woodbury.