MN Meltdown Results - 9/13/2008

Here are the results for MN Meltdown:

Capcom vs SNK 2 - Bracket
1 Wes Truelson (lftrpllr)
2 Martin Garcia (M.A.G.)
3 Caleb Anderson (Bubbaloo)
4 Marc (two2tone)
5 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
5 Cha Her (Chasif)
7 Tahir (TarkanX)
7 Leon Tyas
9 Adam Heart (Keits)
9 Eric Huynh (Zen)
9 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
9 Derrick Simmons
13 Yannick Ebongo

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Bracket
1 Martin Garcia (M.A.G.)
2 Dan Wilson
3 Izzy Lee
4 Sam Mogaka (PBJ_Mixxa)
5 Derrick Simmons
5 Jordan Lee (Izzy’s Bro) (JJMeowMixLover)
7 Adam Heart (Keits)
7 Kevin Eills (Kevin)

Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Bracket
1 DeShane Strong (D. Disciple)
2 Khristopher McDonald (56K)
3 Caleb Anderson (Bubbaloo)
4 Tim Dao (Ravepulse)
5 Adam Heart (Keits)
5 Dan Wilson
7 Tom Woodner
7 Jordan LanLu (Guang)
9 Charlie Kling (Grog)
9 Luke Swenson (theamericandream38)
9 Sylvester Daohevang (Gelen)
9 Kevin Eills (Kevin)
13 Jing Wang
13 Jeff Meidt (Jefe)
13 Mike Senn (Senn)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - Bracket
1 Izzy Lee
2 Max Kotasek (Mawr)
3 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
4 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
5 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
5 Jordan Lee (Izzy’s Bro) (JJMeowMixLover)
7 Sam Mogaka (PBJ_Mixxa)
7 Dan Wilson
9 Adam Heart (Keits)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Bracket
1 Wes Truelson (lftrpllr)
2 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
3 Tahir (TarkanX)
4 John Noree (Baka)
5 Adam Heart (Keits)
5 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
7 Max Kotasek (Mawr)
7 Nick (Mr. Zombie)
9 Charlie Kling (Grog)
9 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
9 DeShane Strong (D. Disciple)
9 Marc (two2tone)

Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Bracket
1 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
2 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
3 Marc (two2tone)
4 Adam Heart (Keits)
5 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
5 Jordan Lee (Izzy’s Bro) (JJMeowMixLover)
7 Tony Yang (Tones)
7 Kiel
9 Nick (Mr. Zombie)

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - Bracket
1 John Noree (Baka)
2 Wes Truelson (lftrpllr)
3 Marc (two2tone)
4 Martin Garcia (M.A.G.)
5 Mike Medicinehorse (DigitalGypsy)
5 Caleb Anderson (Bubbaloo)
7 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
7 Derrick Simmons
9 Charlie Kling (Grog)
9 Feng Meng Vue (Feng)
9 Zue Vue
9 Max Kotasek (Mawr)
13 Tahir (TarkanX)
13 Izzy Lee
13 T.K.
13 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
17 DeShane Strong (D. Disciple)
17 Adam Heart (Keits)
17 Nick (Mr. Zombie)
17 Tayo Johnston (Tayo) (Forfeited)
17 Yannick Ebongo(Forfeited)

All-Brawl - Bracket
1 Adam Heart (Keits)
2 DeShane Strong (D. Disciple)
3 Jeff Meidt (Jefe)
4 Jordan LanLu (Guang)
5 Tim Dao (Ravepulse)
5 John Noree (Baka)
7 Izzy Lee
7 Jing Wang
9 Kevin Eills (Kevin)
9 Dan Wilson
9 Luke Swenson (theamericandream38)
9 Khristopher McDonald (56K)
13 Tom Woodner
13 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
13 Mike Senn (Senn)
13 Sam Mogaka (PBJ_Mixxa)
17 Charlie Kling (Grog)

Alpha 2 - Bracket
1 Wes Truelson (lftrpllr)
2 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
3 Adam Heart (Keits)
4 Marc (two2tone)
5 Tahir (TarkanX)
5 T.K.
7 Desmond Hollins (katraqueyous)
7 DeShane Strong (D. Disciple)

Super Smash Bros Melee
1 D.Disciple
2 Baka
3 Guang
4 Tim
5 Kevin
5 Jefe

Soul Calibur 4
1 Izzy
2 Dan
3 Mike
4 Jordan
5 Gelen
5 Ravepulse

Thanks to everyone for coming. I had a great time and it was nice meeting a bunch of new people. We got through all of the tournaments (albiet running a little bit late) and everything went pretty smoothly. I’ll do a more thorough thank you post when I’m not dead tired.

I think I have the brackets that were run for Melee and SC4 and I’ll enter those in the morning. I’ll also post this up on in the morning as well.

There were two items that were left in the room at the end: a Wii A/V cord, and a PS2 controller (both of which I took home with me). If you left either of those two items there, let me know and we can figure out how to get it returned.

All Brawl had more than NoBrawl?? Awesome.


LOL ski!

Thank you for hosting a great event Shogun. Thanks to everyone who came out and played a hell of a game. Mega thanks to Wes for lugging the ST cab out. Mega thanks to the MN smashers for being the most open group of smashers I’ve met so far, you guys were a great bunch!

See you on youtube!??!!?!?

I had a great time, this was one of the most well-run tournaments I’ve ever been to. I’m glad I could come and see all the other fighting games in action. Thanks Keits for hosting All-Brawl and recording tons of matches. I can’t wait to watch them!

Can anyone stop Wes Truelson?!?!?!


Derek Daniels

Thanks Shogun for hosting this awesome event. Thank you Keits for introducing All-brawl and for recording all the matches. Seriously can’t wait to see my match against 56k lol

I had a lot of fun yesterday. Totally looking forward to the next big event.

Any video footage? :wonder:

Good tourney. Turnouts were a little less than expected (especially for GGAC), but it was, overall, a great event with some great comp. Here’s looking forward to more MN events!

Big thanks to M.A.G and DigitalGypsy for giving me a place to crash, and Grog for giving me a ride over. You guys helped cut my overall costs to only $72… that’s WAY less than I expected!

Who’da thunk I’d scrub out so bad in the one game I showed up to play?!! Damn, I gots shit to work on before the next major!!!:shake:

Fun tournament! It was run better than some smash tournies I’ve been to.

Shogun - Thanks for hosting the tournament, I enjoyed it a lot!

Baka - Congrats on getting 1st in 3rd Strike, your Ibuki is sick as well as your parrying skills.

Keits is the King of Items!

Wes - Too sick with those combos in Street Fighter man and CVS2. Glad to keep you warmed up during the tournament, whenever you had to go up against me in the bracket, even it was for a minute.

You guys motivated me to getting better in SF again and picking up a stick too. Hope to make some more gatherings.

Hella fun tourney, good games with everyone I’ve played in the tourney and in casuals. It was nice meeting nice faces and seeing some familiar ones I haven’t seen a long time.

Oh yeah, it was fun playing Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast again, I haven’t played that shit in nice minute. Thanks to Wes for bringing that Super Turbo cabinet, shit was mad nice. Thanks to the guys for supplying the Neo-Geo!

Big props to those that won the tourneys! I gotta step my game up for next time.

Minnesota Meltdown 2, eh? Lets start planning that shit at the top of the new year. :looney:

congrates to all the winners.

glad to see izzy placing first, and max getting second. max has definitely come a long way in gg, and in a very short period of time.

wes is a monster, and will always be a monster.

caleb, how come you didnt play gg?!?!

Gee, thanks. :lol:

great job everyone! and thanks Mike for letting us crash at your place. Those cheerios really hit the spot. :bgrin:

No, sir. That is, in fact, impossible. (except for John - congrats on your first major win and #1 3S ranking)

Just of Smash stuff. Unfortunately, there’s no footage of my lone match win against Mike in the Garou finals.

Speaking of the Smash videos, I can’t wait to see some of the footage, especially the All-Brawl stuff. There were plenty of crowd eruptions during the All-Brawl. It seemed like everyone was having a great time with the items on. Also, thanks Meko for getting those recorded.

I also want to give special thanks to Wes and Keits for helping me run the brackets and keep things running while I was playing my matches. Also thanks to the two of you for setting up and running the All-Brawl and ST/A2 events.

Thanks to Max for helping with the initial setup and registration.

Another thanks to Wes for bringing your ST cabinet. I hope the neighbors didn’t mind an arcade cabinet sitting in a trailer outside their place.

Thanks to D. Disciple and Dan for running the Melee and SC4 tourneys.

Thanks to the Iowa and Green Bay folks for putting in the drives to make this an “international” experience. :lovin:

Thanks to GregN. & Grinwing for bringing the Rock Band and Neo setups. Although I didn’t get to play any Neo, I did enjoy rockin’ it a bit.

One more thank you to Jasen and Mike for going above and beyond with the cost of the room.

Edit: Also, a big thank you to everyone who brought systems and games and TVs. This event couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for everyone pitching in and bringing their stuff.

Oh, and thanks to Desmond for thinking of and bringing the name tags. I know it certainly helped me know who people were, which is makes it that much easier to find people when calling out matchups.

This event was pretty damn sweet! The venue was hella roomy! Props to Stef for keepin it together! Nice meeting everyone I’ve met! 3S in MN is getting VERY VERY competitive! Im’ lovin’ it!

Jerry! - Where are you? You were supposed to defend your GG title!!! I still have no idea what Im doin in GG… :shake:

Izzy - Came outta no where! Glad you made it! MN wouldnt be fully repped without you! Beasting as always!

Dan Oreo - Ill enter SC next time with you guys even though I know nothing about the game… At that time I was really… really… gased out… I needed to rest…

John BAKA - Congratz for taking 1st in 3s! Your 3s skills has really come a long way since 3KoF tourney!

Keits - Great meetin ya and your crew! You are one of the last true supporters of the fighting game scene thats for sure! Hopefully we’ll get to play more in the future if time permits! Congrats for taking All Brawl!

Desmond - Damn! brackets sucked for ya thats for sure…

Martin - Always good performance all around! You got me in cvs2! but I got ya for 3s! next time im gunnin for you in cvs2 you can count on that shit! Good shit for takin mvc2! Where da f*ck is Chris and John?

Wes - True O’Schooler… Them battles in 3S, CVS2, A2 with you was too damn good! I learn a lot from this tourney thanks to you! Ill let you have ST lol… no chance in hell in that game for me… Thanks for havin that great cab available! Brings back the arcade memory days… :sad:

Mr. Suzuki - Sucks without you gotta admit… :no homo:

Caleb - The results in 3s clearly does not express where you really are in MN rankings… I think the title for best MN 3s players are no doubt between you and John BAKA! The level of 3s you guys play makes me wanna play that game even more now! Wished you coulda been in GG and All Brawl but it’s all good! Beasting in every freakin game! Coming outta nowhere to take 3rd in cvs2! WTF? lol GO GET A STICK!!!

D. Diciple and 56k - You guys are some coo cats! D.Diciple, for a Smash player I didn’t expect you to know SF as well as you did! In the next tourney I’m only expecting someone Beasting in SF as hard as he was beasting in Brawl! Thanks for showing up!

Grog - I told you I aint good in ST lol! Good games in 3s! Your stick is hella nice! Japanese stick is DA shit!! Many thanks and props for showing up to an MN event!

Max - Good shit for taking 2nd in GG! Thats major news right thurr!

Big Mike!! - Sucks you and TK showed up late for cvs2… cvs2 was clearly missing 2 key a-groovers… sucks balls… and yes! we are still 0-0 in Garou! :woot: thanks to Max!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Cha!! - Wassup bro! Glad you showed up man! Too bad your crew of Tony, Chue, and the rest didn’t show up for cvs2! It woulda been the shit! Damn you had some heartbreaker close ass matches!!! Forgot ur friend’s name… holla @ him for me!

BAX (Kliquev) - WHERE were you??? There goes another freakin MN 3s top player not showin up… Hope you come represent next time! I hella wanted to see how you woulda done against everyone!

Xue and Feng - Glad to meet new Hmong 3s players! Get sticks! You guys are pretty damn good for people who dont play outside of only you 3… Come join us next time for gatherings!

Tony (Tone) - Good shit on Garou matches! Too bad we didnt get to play in the tourney! Learn some 3s bro!

All the Smash folks - Glad you guys showed up and represented Smash for MN very good!

SNK folks - Good games to whoever I played… Great seeing you guys show up and represent as well! Ill try to practice LB2 when i have time and then… We’ll see if i can do well on that…

DjDelly - We didn’t forget you guys either!

YASCHA and Taylor!!! - Where da heck you go!!! Smurf Urien? where were you? YET another top MN player with no show… it’s all good tho next time!

ace_uno - You are my official Garou mentor! Thanks to you I got 3rd place in Garou! That 20 min training helped a lot! 2df ftw!!!

TK - Sorry about the stick… I know you coulda done way better in 3s…

Whoever I missed my bad yo!!

My wife.*

*Not that it’s her fault directly=)


Much thanks to all for coming out. Special HUGE thanks go to Stefan for running and largely organizing the whole thing. Also much tahnks for Keits making the trip and helping out.
GGs to all. We should try again for something in the first quarter of '09 or early spring when it’s still weather is still crappy here. Maybe we can organize something with the Neo guys or have our own event again. Next time we have an event hopefully there will be 2 new games around as well (SF4 and ST:HD). Hopefully everyone can upgrade when the games finally show up.

See y’all soon.


thanks for hosting the tournament stefan. didn’t get a match against keits ivysaur, matches with izzy in gg and smash, and some yun practice. wish i could’ve stayed a little longer to play some more casuals. anyways, good games.

and congrats to john for taking 1st in 3s!

thanks a bunch marc. i still need practice and it’s 3s. i got knocked out by martin and big mike so i see nothing wrong with what happened. can’t win all the time, but it’s such a cool game. i gotta get red parry down.

3rd in cvs2 was a fluke. you took 4th and i know you’re better than me and i also used sagat.

and i might actually get a stick very soon then maybe i’ll be able to do short short supers consistenly. i’m just actually waiting a bit to see if i should get a ps2 one or wait later for the next gen fighters. talk with you guys about that at the next gathering.

nice meeting and playing the out of state guys: adam, charlie, and sam. nice playing all the other brawl players and the new 3s players.

im having some real problems with the videos i took. they playback perfectly on my pc, but when i upload them to youtube, they playback in slowmotion. No idea what the hell is going on. Any suggestions?

errm, apparently not all of them are doing that. ill try to reupload the suspect ones later and see if that fixes it, until then, what is up now is a sample.

Have you tried converting the file type from whatever it is to something else?


it seems only the ones that were uploading when my internet was freaking out today have issues. The rest look identical to the captures.