Mo Valley 3S players

Any IE (Movalley/RIV)folks that want to get in some FREE 3S, or CE on my cabinets?.

I know you don’t have an arcades with 3S because I bought the only one like a year ago.

I’m trying to get practice so that when I go to EVO I will be eliminated in 45 seconds instead of 30. I have both the machines in my garage. I don’t mind smoke and drank within reason (My little ones like to play also so no getting too stupid) I will be playing in the evenings 6 pm till 10 pm at the latest.

Darkmage can vouch that my machines are good, sticks and buttons are Happ Competition.

So lets have at it I know there are players in Movalley lets get together. I have the console versions and I play some on live, but that shit doesnt replace getting together with real peeps and playing head to head on a real cabinet

PM me or whatever L8

ALSO: I may be getting a CVS2 machine, if that happens I will be selling the CE machine

You have head to head 3s? Do you have the optional heavy spring on those comp sticks? I might be able to stop by this week.

lets play

you should move to long beach.

If you mean the head to head japanese style arcades, no that’s not what I meant. I’m saying like side by side head to head:confused: lol

MtSac pm me for details

dont play mtsac he sucks at 3s j/k buddy lets play some 3s walter n thomas want to get in on it too

Ok fellas I got a few pms and gave out some #'s again I am available every night unless I have class. I get off work about 3:00 pm but I gotta work out and shit I can host tonite or sunday if anyone wants it. I don’t have class next week either so I’m good all next week. I would like to get a few peeps together at once so post up what days times work for you and maybe we can come up with a date time that will get the best turn out.

I might be bringing my 360/PS2/Dreamcast out, I will steal my wifes flatscreen. I have 2 DOA4 sticks for 360, 1 Agetec for DC, and Tekken Anniversary stick for PS2. Consoles could be better for practicing I guess LMK.

Also I was watching the EVO dvd WTF!!! I’ve never seen marvel played like that. Anniversary SF was the shit too. 3S was kinda boring with all those damn Yuns

Hit me up!!!