Mobile Phone Housing Replacements

So I just got a Samsung sgh-e250 cheap of my mate and am looking to replace the outer shell (faceplate). I found these on the web which “seem” legit and I really like the colour. Would anyone have any idea on how you replace one of these?

You can see the holes for the screws in those pics. I used to work for a cell phone accessory place and had to change face plates and stuff like that all the time. Sliders are a bitch because of the springs.

Hmm, you obviously have a sharper eye than me… So when I remove the back are those three screws all that needs removing? Are there any difficulties when replacing slide phone housings? As you said, they’re difficult…

Also, are those shells legit? What about these?

I’m always wiery about stuff from Hong Kong, so it’s best just to check…

Any experience with this model?

I don’t have good eyes, I just know where the screws usually are heh. The screws should be all you have to remove, but there should be another pair under where the battery goes. If you are not careful when messing with the slide part the springs can just shoot right out and from what I remember they are a bitch to put back in if that happens.

The shell in the 1st link for $7.99 will work, but it’s not OEM so I’m sure it is a cheap copy. Cheap to the point you would be able to tell by just touching it. If you bought that I wouldn’t be surprised if it broke while you were trying to install it due to cheapness of the plastic.

The second shell says it is OEM, so it should fit better, well perfectly, and be a lot more sturdy. Stuff from Hong Kong usually breaks and scratches easily, but that EBay seller has good feedback so I wouldn’t worry about that so much.

So you say the second page would be better to go with? cool…

I’ve never dissasembled a phone before so don’t understand how the spring mechanisms work. Are they really that difficult to work with? Could you give me an example?

Okay so for the 1st link you posted, look at the picture all the way on the right showing the phone slid up. If you look at the sides of it you can see the springs. I don’t know about this phone in particular but in general there really isn’t anything holding those springs into place once you pop of the front face plate. So you have to be careful when taking that part off because the springs may go flying out. From what I remember (its been years) if they pop out or move a little out of place it is hard to put everything back together nicely.

EDIT - If you look at the part that slides there is a back and front plate. I believe you can just switch out the front and that will make it alot easier. My cousin recently changed the face on a Samsung D807 and I remember him saying this.

Cool man, thanks for the help… One last question, once you pop open the housing, how delicate is the insides? Is it a risky process replacing the housing? (Not including the springs)…