i began my road to OTAKUdom long ago, as a young teen back in the early/mid-1990s, by proxy of leftover 1980’s Paint-and-Glue Anime Mecha model kits.

around 1997, i took my first major leap forward thanks to my first GUNDAM-related kit,

with multi-color molding, press-fit assembly and extensively-polycapped joints, it was a quantum leap

beyond the standard no-frills plastic model fare i was used to up to that point.

around 1998, i got my first MASTER GRADE series GUNDAM kit, and from there i scarcely looked back.

my most recent kits, -just finished in late 2019- are also my most thoroughly satisfying.

2001 BANDAI MG MSZ-006A1 and MSZ-006C1, from 1988 ZETA GUNDAM side-story GUNDAM SENTINEL;

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Nice builds. I’ve considered getting V2 of the Zeta. Just haven’t gotten around to it.

I built the Master Grade (MG) versions of the Shining Gundam and the Wing Gundam (both Endless Waltz and TV Versions) years ago. Unfortunately, they were destroyed in a move. My brother bought the God Gundam kit for me since he knew I was hurt and as a joke in the context of the show. I honestly let it sit for about 10 years.

Then in 2019, I got the itch to build things again. I finally completed the God Gundam in January of last year.

While I was at it, I also did the Flame Toys Optimus Prime (Attack Ver.).

Still need to clean up the build but now I have a backlog of things to start. Those things are:

ZZ Gundam (Ver Ka.)
Wing Gundam (Proto Zero)
Strike Rouge Ootori Ver. RM


I used to, but I never got serious about it with painting them or anything cause the level of investment needed to make them REALLY look good was just too much for me. But just making the plastic kits as is was also unsatisfying, so I just stopped altogether eventually.


I just do minor details and clean off the nubs. I intended to topcoat them with a matte finish but stopped because it got too cold. A full year going through all the seasons and they still aren’t painted :slight_smile:

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Love Gundam, but suck at modelling myself. Props to you guys that can do it and the custom stuff.


The only gundam that I want to do something custom with is the Strike Rouge. My favorite Decepticon is Skywarp, so I wanted to do a custom paint scheme. I’ve painted pieces before, but nothing this small.

I got a couple for Christmas 2 years ago, I’ve finished 2 out of the 3 I got. Nothing custom like these but I was definitely surprised by the complexity involved though.
The last one is a higher grade so I’ve been putting it off lol.

here’s something also GUNDAM-related, though a little different;
“China Kousaka” and “MOBILE DOLL Sarah” from BUILD FIGHTERS and BUILD DIVERS, respectively;

Alot of the stuff you can do to make your model look better are the little things, sanding or filing away at any mold lines and flashing, and cleaning up spruce marks are all easy to do.
And you need less than $10 to do it with, some fine side cutters, a hobby knife with a sharp blade, and some emery boards for nails and maybe a finger nail buffer board is all you need. And if joints are too loose coating the ball joint surface with some super glue helps to thicken the part and make joints on models more stiff.


indeed, that can be a god-sent miracle-cure for loosey-goosey Universal Ball Joints.

it can also work wonders on friction-fit peg/slot-type joints…

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Somewhere there was a Zero G Gouki model kit in Yahoo Auctions too bad it didn’t reach the west. It’s from Cyberbots. Wè need this here.



You can go with the God Hand Nippers, but I’ve been using a set from Home Depot that were about $10. The God Hand’s are great, but as a novice, I don’t think they are worth it (yet).

As far as sanding the nubs down, I got some craft sticks and a few sheets sandpaper of various grits.

  • Use some thinly spread hot glue or rubber cement to attach a section to the craft stick.
  • After attaching one side, do the same for the other side and fold it over.
  • Trim it so you have edges with no overlap.
  • Now you have sanding sticks of varying grits. In my arsenal, I have 150, 220, 400, 600, 800, 1000.
    Unless the nibs are god awful, I never use the 150 or 220.
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Also, if you are doing any sort of detailing, get a set of “helping hands”.

If you scroll up to the pic with of the God Gundam, this is the whole eye section. Colored it all in black and used a small detail brush and a dab of reflective green paint from a gundam marker to do the effect without the stickers.

As a bonus, you can also see one of the sanding sticks I made and the nippers that I use.

It’s also how I painted Prime’s eyes with a mix of blue and white paint.

That was $7 on Amazon.


I love gunplay but unfortunately I’m artistically challenged. I’m moving into a bigger space soon. Thinking about using the garage as an airbrush gunplay room.

now for something a bit more old-fashioned than the average GUNDAM kit, dating clear back to 1983. a bona-fide classic, even;


Here are the nippers I am using at the moment.