Mobility (esp. dashing)


I need some help here. Jumping-in just won’t cut it alone. When I get parried on a jump-in, I’m punished. Sometimes I jump-in blank and throw, yeah, but I’ve noticed that high level players utilize dashing with deadly efficiency. I, on the other hand, am none too good at it. Everytime I attempt to dash into a combo, I get punched in the freakin’ head.

Mobility is key in Thrid Strike, help me improve mine. Thanks.

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it really depends who you’re using and what kind of dash they have. for example, you don’t really want to forward dash with yun/yang/necro since their forward dashes are long and slow. also, finding out the optimal distance of the dash and starting your dash from that distance helps as well. for example, with shotos: low short x 3 then dash is the perfect distance for their dashes. if you’re able to gauge the distance without doing the usual pokes, then your dashing game becomes more threatening


mobility is different for everyone in the game so it depends who you are using.

but dont worry, i have a bad habit of jumping in to gain distance as well.

Try to play whole rounds w/o jumping once and that will help you figure out what is the best way to get around on the ground.


use special moves to move forward.

who do u use?


I had been learning the game w/ Ken and Ryu, but now that I’ve been playing for a couple months, I switched to Ibuki. I know she isn’t nearly as good (tier-wise), but she’s fun.

With her though, there is the choice between her standard dash and her command dash (QCF+K). To be honest, I don’t really know when to use which.

Thanks again for your help, everyone.

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wow ibuki is a big step :expressionless: learn other chars first is my opinion… but ok

her standard dash can cross up, so try it sometimes…

and her command dash is to get close, coz its fast…

use her command to get in close, standard to cross up


Standard dash will cross them up on the ground, however the command dash is useful for crossing them up after launching them with that close roundhouse. You can walk forward a tad and try back+strong, fierce or simply forward kick into a heavy command dash to cross them up and start another combo (hopefully), or if you’ve launched them several times mix it up by not crossing them up.

In addition, to reiterate what pocari sweat says, dashing is character-dependant. The quickest ground dashes seem to be the shotos, elena, and most of all makoto (who has almost instantaneous recovery and half-screen range). Most of the other characters have this stupid hop, which aren’t really useful for moving forward (mostly, I said, don’t quote me on this), but back dashing with the advantage of being “in the air” but not high enough to get hit by megaton press or something can be helpful for throwing off your opponent, baiting them, or making them impatient.

Back dashing with the shotos is also really good because if you know the distance, you can play very effective wake-up games on downed opponents. One simple example is being close but not next to them on the ground, and doing a standing fierce or some other move that appears slow, and if you timed it so that they get up right after you recover, you can usually back dash and see that they stuck out some low move to “punish” your move, which you can then sweep or respond with a combo. In short, back dashing with them may allow you to get out of range of your opponents attack and also allow you to take advantage of whatever they were thinking would hit you.

This is not always effective and yada yada, but it’s to give you an idea of what dashes are useful for.


Starting with Ibuki, eh? Good work. Bugger a shoto in his eyes, I say.

Note: I’m only talking about the way I play Ibuki, but don’t worry, I’m from SoCal. We’re all good.

In your particular instance, you really want to close distance mostly by walking. Not just blindly leaning on the stick in the direction of the target, of course, but more as a part of your aggressive poking regimen.

The regular dash I only use up close and in special situations, to hop through the enemy. The fabulous command dash is great for cancelling into from normal attacks, such as her mk (example: blocked lk,mk xx kasumi gake, throw). This is how Ibuki stays in the opponent’s ass the whole round.

You should also be using the 2-hit airchains almost exclusively, but not predictably. Jab-fierce is my personal favourite, but mix it all up to prevent getting stuffed.

The toward-mk overhead can get you in reliably, especially when chained from a back-mk. Also, the mk slide(offensive crouch or down-toward mk) can put you in a solid position to press the attack, but as with all characters (though ESPECIALLY with the ninja-baby) you must refuse to be predictable. You have a lot of options, and you’re often forced to use all of them in a single match. But hey, that’s why ninja get those big ass bags of tricks, da?

N - If all else fails, Rolento-Jab-of-Doom that ish down!


I would like to add Dudley has most stylish dash :smiley:

Anyway, you know that Dudley have command dash called Ducking (HCF+K). His Ducking is pretty useful if you know how to use it. Often I would do st.Roundhouse xx Ducking to see what happens, and if it hits, do the super, or if it’s blocked, throw or Swing Blow (HCB+K). That’s pretty much I do with his Ducking because I’m a scrub :lol:

However, I’ve seen top Dudley players use ducking way more effectively. They even use it to avoid high attacks and punish. They also use it to “scare” them into doing something stupid, or brain freeze them, although that’s pretty risky. They also do other normal attacks other than st.Roundhouse cancelled into Ducking to apply more pressure. However, you must remember that his Ducking move isn’t often used, since he got better things to do. So, I’d use Ducking move when I see an opporunity.

I remember seeing one match where both players had no life left, and they are on even ground. Dudley started to back dash, Ducking, back dash, Ducking, et cetera to confuse his opponent, and bam, he got a hit in. I thought it was pretty funny.


Thanks again, all. (Special kudos to N.) I’ll be putting what I’ve learned here into practice today.

I died when I read that. Pure quality, straight to the sig.

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Ugh having trouble stalking shotos when they use crouching Mk. I thought I had the range down but the slight forward movement that it grants pretty much hits me because I tend to walk forward just outside the range and crouch. What makes you guys so comfortable to know when you can just stand and not crouch block vs shotos? BTW, I’m Dudley just don’t have the confidence tbh to just be within shoto dash in range and not CR block :frowning: