Mobo installation issues


I have a new mobo, and a new case…but when I put the sucker into the case, there is no startup beep and no post onscreen. I took it out of the case, set it on a piece of cardboard, and it works fine. I’m currently am installing win 7 on it, out of case. I noticed there was a separate bag of paper-looking washers that came with this ATX case…could my problem be that the case is grounding the board, and that I should use these washers? Could I do something if that doesn’t work, like place a piece of fabric or something behind the board to possible prevent grounding?


as long as you have it on the standoffs correctly it shouldn’t be grounding to the case. I’d first check my positioning of the standoffs.


Standoffs? None of those. Just threaded holes in the case that coincidentally line up with the holes in the mobo. I-…wait…Oh, god, I’m a fuckin’ retard. I thought these things were extensions for the vga cable connector. Thanks.

It would really help if these case-makers would include at least rudimentary notation and use of the various included screws.

Wow…I built a pc.