MoCCA Art Festival - 6/23 - 6/24 - NYC

Is anyone going?

I’ve never been to it but it seems interesting, I’d love to get a copy of “Life Meter” being sold at the event, but I’m not sure I want to go alone.

Sano, anybody up for hitting it up this weekend?

I’ve been before, I even sold comics from there, some comic strip stuff I do on the side and stuff. When I was in School of Visual Arts we had a table for ourselves to sell our own comics, but that was the underground cartoonists show and this might be different. Lots of fun. When I went there was like a six year old girl doing comics in an art book. I mean, it wasn’t great but she was like six years old. MUTIE FREAK! :rofl: Nah man how could you like not buy her stuff. :sweat:

I won’t be in the city this weekend though. I’m running a marathon tomorrow and going to the after party, then another party on Friday, after all that I’m just gonna rest up like an old man…

If I were to go how much money should I bring?

Is it all comic book stuff? Any manga stuff (not expecting it of course ;p)?

Should I go both days or is Saturday fine ;o?

It kind of depends on what your interests are. If you are going mainly for underground artists stuff, I would say over 30 dollars is fine.

These are like comic books people make themselves and sell. Don’t expect color comics because they cost too much to make ack!

There’s always people who create their own manga. Raina Tagelmeir (and she’s gonna kill me for spelling her name wrong if she reads this ack…) does manga type stuff too. Um, might not be the stuff you are into, it’s mainly about her growing up - a pig tailed girl with glasses who shows no flesh whatsoever but it looks very manga-like lol! I don’t see Amy Kim Ganter’s name up there but she’s another one. I’m sure there will be lots of people doing their own stuff like always.

If you mean like, official manga from the big companies I ‘sort of’ doubt you’ll find anything but as big as manga is becomming (Naruto’s like on Barnes & Noble’s best seller list) you never know.

If you are there mainly for exhibitor / professional stuff it’s going to cost you over 30 dollars easy.

But you can basically bring whatever money you have because people are always giving out free stuff.

I think going one day is fine. It’s not like a major convention where it’s radically different every day or anything like that, it’s more or less the same show every day. At least when I went.

Nah I know it’s not a big con or what have you, just fishing for my interests. Sounds like a good time, thanks for the heads up.


pics or it didn’t happen.


No, seriously.

Never heard of MoCCA until now; New York gets all the cool shit. :crybaby:

Okay. I haven’t found my strip yet so give me some time to find where I put it, maybe a few days because I’m beyond busy. Here’s some fan art Sagara Sanosuke stuff I did. The manga below reads from right to left like manga. It’s a cross of Rurouni Kenshin and Alan Moore’s From Hell. I’m doing a new strip for a small magazine right now that I can’t talk about yet. :blush:

Ack I still kick myself for mispelling ‘Moron.’ Man I’m the moron. :rofl: One of these years I’ll go back and fix that…

My strip-story is like a full 13 pages of original characters and stuff. Again, I gotta find it…

Last year my strip was published in Free Comics NY but their site is up and down like a yo yo… um, welcome to the magical world of Freelancing! :rofl:

Wow. The coloring on the first two pictures is really nice, man.

*A strong attack that can turn rocks to dust!
That was funny.

Nice “Graphic Design” artstyle, dood! The large panel in #8 looks like something done from a woodprint.

Heh. MOAR!

No complaining! At least you get comics work, lol…

EDIT: ROFL Zephy’s new sig! :lol:

Nice sig! :rofl:

Thanks for the compliments. Yeah work is always good when you can get it.

Hey this thread wasn’t to advertise yourself, it’s to help me!

(Love the Sanosuke / Ryoga picture)


Um, thanks and sorry. :rofl:

I’d love to go, just to meet Brian Lee O’Malley.

but I just don’t have the money or gas to do it.

Some news on the event:

Oh and here’s my comic strip. What’s the point? Well I did sell this strip as a nice bound book when I worked at the Mocca show a few years back. And when I ran out of bound books I started selling stapled pages of copies for really cheap lol! The strip ran in Free Comics New York and will run later this year in Dirty Trails magazine which will be available in some parts of Canada and some parts of the US where I also created an entirely new strip for them. Anyway, enjoy! Don’t say I never provided this forum with some free comic type stuff reading material. :rofl:

I dig it, sano, I dig it. You, Mr. Collado, are a good artist. I like your perspectives… That tilted angle look to otherwise mundane scenes. I dig the clean backgrounds, like on page 13. I also like that fire on page 14.

But your spelling could use a little work, ya moran. You misspelled “dramatization” on page 13.

Oh yeah the TV News Report spelled it wrong not me. Hey that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :rofl:

Thanks man!

So, did anybody end up going? Would’ve been nice to know beforehand, I could have said Hi. I go to The School of Visual Arts, and I was at their table for some of the convention.