Mod a Datel Arcade Pro? Or a MVC2 TE?

I just ordered the Datel Arcade Pro stick off of Amazon UK for $55. I figure just obtaining the dual PCB alone would be worth the price. I’ve been browsing the forums and paying attention to Laugh and Cannon’s mods that they did to their Arcade Pros.

However, I currently have a MVC2 TE stick for 360 that is gathering dust. I’m toying around with the idea of just putting the PCB into the TE stick and still get the quality buttons.

I’m a relatively beginner when it comes to modding. I understand either way I go is going to need soldering. I’d like opinions on what you guys would be the best or easiest solution for my problem.

Do I just purchase a new stick and buttons to mod the Arcade Pro and not mess with the PCB?

Or do I attempt to mod the TE stick with the PCB; since I already have a high-quality case and buttons.

On a side note, even though there is a couple of guides for modding the Arcade Pro, I haven’t been able to find anything concerning putting the Arcade Pro PCB in a TE stick. If anyone has any worthwhile guides or a link to the thread since I’m unable to track it down, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!

I just modded my datel pro and I wish I would have jsut dual modded a TE.

Once I got everything modded the case still sucks and my button presses and my joystick feel pretty crappy. Not to mention with unevenly enlarged holes I get bad button presses when I do ultras.

I’m going to have to end up buying a wooden case and moving the guts over.

The PCB is the only useful thing in the Datel.

You would get a lot more help asking this question in Tech Talk. There are many experienced modders who post regularly there.

The Newbie Dojo is really more for gameplay advice than modding advice.