Mod a Datel Arcade Pro? Or a MVC2 TE?

I just ordered the Datel Arcade Pro stick off of Amazon UK for $55. I figure just obtaining the dual PCB alone would be worth the price. I’ve been browsing the forums and paying attention to Laugh and Cannon’s mods that they did to their Arcade Pros.

However, I currently have a MVC2 TE stick for 360 that is gathering dust. I’m toying around with the idea of just putting the PCB into the TE stick and still get the quality buttons.

I’m a relatively beginner when it comes to modding. I understand either way I go is going to need soldering. I’d like opinions on what you guys would be the best or easiest solution for my problem.

Do I just purchase a new stick and buttons to mod the Arcade Pro and not mess with the PCB?

Or do I attempt to mod the TE stick with the PCB; since I already have a high-quality case and buttons.

On a side note, even though there is a couple of guides for modding the Arcade Pro, I haven’t been able to find anything concerning putting the Arcade Pro PCB in a TE stick. If anyone has any worthwhile guides or a link to the thread since I’m unable to track it down, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!

Like I said in your identical thread in the newbie forum: just get the TE.

The only thing worth while in the datel is the PCB.

Already have the TE.

The question is whether or not to mod an Arcade Pro stick with replacing the joystick and buttons…or modding my MVC2 TE stick with the Arcade Pro PCB.

The only thing in the Datel that is worth while is the PCB.

Is there an echo in here? Obviously the Datel has crap buttons and a crap joystick; hence my original question. I can put Sanwa buttons and a JLF stick in the Datel and not mess with the PCB. Or I can attempt to install the PCB into my MVC2 TE stick that I already own.

Anyone else want to take a crack at this question? I’m done playing in the sandbox.

How about make two sticks? Mod the Datel and get a MC Cthulhu.

If you use the search function, you will find your answers.

Well if you would read your own threads you would see that I said in your last thread which was identical to this one that the case is not good enough to make it worth the effort.

You’re a hell of a snob for someone who is asking for advice.

  1. Putting Sanwa buttons in a Datel takes a lot of work. sanding down the holes.
  2. You don’t even NEED to change out the parts in a TE, unless you’re planning on modding the artwork, and it doesn’t match.
  3. Getting just the PCB from the Datel is actually (if you’re buying from etokki) more expensive than getting a ChImp that would essentially do the exact same thing. (Hint: Lizard Lick sells Pre-assembled ChImp’s if that’s what scares you away from them). Even still, getting a Cthulhu + Imp would STILL be cheaper.
  4. The case on the Datel is less sturdy/less attractive than any of the TE’s on the market.

Just go ahead and mod your TE.

Okay, as a modded Datel owner, let me stick up for modding it:

  1. If you like light sticks, it is a good box. The art is okay too, although it’s easy to remove.
  2. It is easy as all hell to mod - open up, remove everything other than the PCB, sand/cut the holes to get to a state where a 30mm button will fit in, stick your 6/8 buttons in, attach your stick, solder accordingly, stuff box with bubble wrap to make it sound less hollow, done.
  3. It’s a 360 and PS3 stick out of the box, vital if you are going to be swapping consoles a lot or own one and a tourney uses the other.
  4. It’s actually a fun project, as long as you’re not scared of a soldering iron.

Everyone and his mother has a TE stick, but they’re big and heavy and much less portable than a modded Datel. (And, to be fair to the stick*, the stock parts are not HORRIBLE. Just not as nice as Sanwa.) I prefer my Datel to my PS3 TE.

Anyway, how hard is it to stick a Datel PCB in a TE? I would not say it would be especially hard, but I’ve never tried it. However, you’re going to have to find a way to access the turbo button on the Datel as holding down the turbo button whilst plugging in the stick is how you change it from 360 to PS3 and back. A more experienced modder would be able to tell you what the best course of action for that is.

*EDIT: Just to be clear, I mean the Datel and not the TE here.

Did you just say TE stock parts aren’t as nice as Sanwa?

Your answer entailed more of complaining about your joystick and buttons having problems because you enlarged your button holes and made them uneven; something that was completely in your control. That doesn’t tell me anything about whether or not the Datel would be worth it provided an accurate mod job was completed on it. You didn’t even disclose what hardware you tried to do the mod with.

I do appreciate you trying to help, but your answer did not help me; nor would it help anyone else in the same situation as I would be. If that makes me a snob for calling out your incomplete, lazy answer, then so be it.

I do appreciate the other posters that provided GREAT detailed information and links. It is very much appreciated. Any other input would be welcome; as long as it can help.

Yes, these I already found for modding the Datel. Are there any guides to installing the Datel PCB into a TE stick? Or would the wiring be mostly the same with the exception of the turbo button.

Thanks again for the help.

You can wire the turbo to the select/back button.

Also, wiring is the same.

No, the Datel stock parts aren’t as nice as Sanwa. :lol: Apologies if it wasn’t clear.

Turbo to select would work fine, but I wouldn’t do it as it limits functionality… how are the Home and Turbo buttons connected up, anyway? Would it be possible to just rewire them to connect to the Datel PCB?

I was thinking the same thing. There’s no dedicated button to switch between systems, so I would have to be creative. I would assume it wouldn’t be that tricky though.