Mod an old Dreamcaststick to PS3?!

Hi folks,
don’t know if it was asked before but I cant find anything using the search…

Anyway…I have an old Dreamcast stick which i like to work on my ps3. I have a broken ps3 controller so it should be possible to solder in the ps3 PCB. correct me if i’m wrong.

Is anyone out there who has any experiences by doing this mod???
P.S. The solution with the SIXAXIS PCB provided by lizardlicks is not an option. This PCB is rarely available in Germany and i dont want to afford it. I would like to solder it directly to the original one from the controller (I’m pretty good in soldering things, but i doubt this will be easy).


You’re looking for the padhacking thread, it’s here:

Flip through it, there should be plenty of images and help about what to solder where.