Mod Certain Arcade Sticks.....?

I just purchased a Hori Real Arcade Stick Pro V3 SA for PS3. I was wondering if its possible to mod this arcade stick? I heard LED parts are popular now as well (Is there another forum that has instructions to mod a arcade stick with LED lights). Or is it better just to start from scratch and build up?

*I prefer Japanese parts since I feel comfortable with their arcade feeling to their parts.

Yes the Hori Real Arcade Stick Pro V3 SA is possible to mod. Technically any stick is capable of modding but some are easier than others.
The Hori Hrap line is easy to mod as Japanese parts are fully compatible. The V3 SA is a full Sanwa arcade stick.

Adding LEDs isn’t too hard, you just require the appropriate buttons and some LEDs and maybe a LED Controller board.

LEDs for buttons come pre-set in small PCBs designed to fit into Seimtsu and Sanwa buttons.
KN Inserts, Ulia, Purple Arms are all legitimate LED kits, and you have to buy 1 led board per button

You’ll be stuck modding with Seimitsu buttons for LED’s until someone figures out the dimensions and spacing on the new transparent buttons. The currently available LED mod parts were designed for use with transparent Seimitsu buttons and preliminary reports suggest that the LEDs will have to be redesigned for the Sanwa’s.

Oh, and just because the stick is an SA model doesn’t mean you can’t swap out the parts for Seimitsu parts. It’s just that most people don’t bother because of cost and the perception that “Sanwa is better.”

It’s all opinion and preference, really.

FYI, the real problem with the V3 SA is that the new case design makes it harder to fit in new parts. The space is really tight in that case. Part of it has to do with the faceplate being permanently screwed onto the base. You can’t easily access the screws that fasten the faceplate unless you peel off the sticker (which ruins the stock art). In the previous SA models, you could remove the faceplate and it was much easier to swap out parts and do mods. With the V3 SA, you have to open the stick from the baseplate. That was the same case with the regular HRAP 3 unless you modded the case to be able to remove the faceplate from the top of the base.

in all honestly the V3/VX models are just as easy as a TE to get into. the only difference is that the HORI forces you to void your warrenty to do so.
after taking off the screws on the base, you have access to the buttons/pcb; just as if you took off the top panel on a TE.

only gripe is space, but that’s because i went with V3 and dual modded.
and in all honesty my pcb does fine laying slanted

Yeah I notice that the body of the V3 SA is more difficult than others to try to mod since the top/face is basically screwed on all the way from the bottom. Doesn’t look like you can put any custom art or plexi glass or nothing artistic BUT correct me if I’m wrong on this. Any tutorials or forums about the LED buttons and stick?

Oh you are wrong :slight_smile:
Plexis for V3/VX SAs have been availalbe for about a week now I just have not posted a bunch of pics yet because of how busy i have been.
you can see some here on this page of my thead.
If you are interested in one you can go to my site to order.
Custom metal panel layouts are also available.
[INDENT=1]V3/VX SAs used to be known as the stick that was hard to mod, I am doing my best to change that. :)[/INDENT]

Oh, I apologize for the lack of knowledge