Mod cheap arcade stick or buy pricey arcade stick

hey im new to shoryuken and i just had a big question to ask. would it be better to buy a cheap stick like a mayflash and mod it or just save my money to buy an good arcade stick off the back

thank you in advance

In general I would avoid modding unless you can simply drop Sanwa parts in. Even then you might not be saving money. The Mayflash in particular is kind of a pain in the ass to mod.

The stick review thread linked in the sticky includes ease to mod in the reviews, if you’re interested.

thanks man ill just buy a madcatz or hori stick

I recommend the Qanba Q4Raf it comes dual modded and has all Sanwa parts it cost around $150 u can get it at or

cheap is more expensive in the long run in this case.

thanks i didnt think of it like that

I’d suggest going with a SE or BrawlStick (same case, just different art) and modding it with Sanwa.

If you get a SF4 SE, mod it right away. The knockoff parts are much worse than Sanwas, and very prone to failure.

However, if you get a BrawlStick, give it some use as-is first. Mad Catz’s clones have gotten much better since the early SE sticks, and you may not feel the need to replace them.

If you can find a decent enough deal on parts, the total should only be in the neighborhood of $80-90, and the result is equal if not arguably superior to a TE (note that the top of a TE is completely flat, while the SE/BrawlStick has a slight angle where you would rest your wrists).

I bought a madcatz brawl stick to mod after I finished it came out close to what I paid for my Qanba so yeah I’d say it’s better to pay for one you do nothing 2. Also you won’t void the warranty if u don’t mod it

Edit: although modding it and making it your own is satisfying.

but in some chases is modding needed like you bust the stick or buttons up and have to replace them with new parts unless you have a warranty

Then you got ripped off for either the parts or the stick itself. The most I’d consider paying for an SE/BrawlStick is $50 (and last I knew, GameStop was trying to clear out the BrawlSticks for $30), and even from Mad Catz themselves, the parts would only by another $50, making the total $100.

My latest mod’s base came as a ‘salty selloff’ for $15, and then I shopped around and got a stick/8 buttons for $46 and change. Just be willing to look around instead of jumping right on the first match you find.

so basically when you mod your spending almost same amount of money modding and wasting time when you could of just got a good arcade stick in the first place. so only mod when its something you really want to do

Well, this thread is really tough to answer definitively because of a severe lack of information. What console do you play on most? What platform is most-used in your local scene? Will you need to switch?

Essentially, the question you’ve posed becomes:

Is it worth the shipping and modding time to you to save roughly $10 and have a distinctive stick?

If YES, get an SE or BrawlStick and mod it.
If NO, just buy a TE for your console of choice.

thanks man ill just buy a TE stick. ill mod an arcade stick one day but im not going to rush

thanks for answering my questions even thoe i may asked to many

Naw i aint get ripped off I spent around $115-120 total for it all. At the time i did it no GameStops in my area were caring the brawlstick so I had to order it online. But that’s only a $20-30 difference from what I paid for my Qanba so I just reccomend that and like I said the Qanba out the box is dual modded.

Unless you have big hands, I bought both the SE and the TvC sticks and they are just too small, lots of wrist pain and they are so lite I was chasing it around my lap. Buy the bigger sticks if you want comfort. Just check used game stores and ebay/facebook. With the Qanbas out a bunch of people are dumping their TE’s. I got a MvC2 TE for xbox360 for $75 and a Chun Li TE for PS3 for $50

If you have problems “chasing the stick around your lap” then the $1 “glue felt to the bottom” mod is probably your best option. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for the last massage it was a epic fail

Not sure how felt is going to add weight or greater surface area. If the idea is that the felt would provide grip, I think grip tape from the local skateboard shop would be better

Where’s my eyeroll smiley? Of course it doesn’t add surface area. What it does do is prevent slipping better than having a bigger surface area, because the bigger surface area on a bigger stick is still slippery. You’re free to try grip tape, but grip tape is designed to be gripped by skin, whereas we all hope you’ll be wearing pants when your stick is in your lap.

Felt works extremely well on the bottom of your stick, especially if you’re wearing jeans. Grip tape from a skate shop would also work, but you risk irritating your skin and possibly tearing up your shorts and pants (depending on how violently you move the stick around).