Mod cheap arcade stick or buy pricey arcade stick

The surface of the bottom of the stick was not an issue. The TE sticks have the same metal bottom as the SE sticks. If it was a problem of the slick surface of the bottom of the stick the TE would slide around as much as the SE and it does not. The SE is too small if you have large hands because your left hand, depending on grip, will hang off the side. and cause you to push it around more. The Standard TE not only is wider for comfort but weighs 2 1/2 pounds more. Weight is an issue, otherwise Art’s Hobbies wouldn’t have to sell weights to put in their sticks. If you are built like a 12 year old little girl I imagine the size and weight of a stick won’t matter, but I am 205 lbs with 15 1/4 inch arms and with freakishly large hands. Size matters :wink:

Size matters for the top of the stick. For the base, you’d be surprised what making it actually non-slidey would do.

In fact, I endorse the felt mod on all sticks.

The only time I can truly tell the difference between my TE and my Q4RAF Qanba is if I have shorts on (TE can get cold if you have naked legs)

beerMEorFEARme told me about Q4RAF stick and i looked it up and to make long story short to me it a better arcade stick than a TE. im ordering one now

Well, something’s not right if you feel the need to slam a japanese stick around like you were trying to shove a brick around.

I mean, I’ve got big hands too, but the mod I proposed, I actually have (got an awesome deal on that too, for $25 total) and do alright with. If anything, I find TEs moving around more than an SE. Of course, I’m also 6’0", 140 lbs (a beanpole), and generally use my wrist for movement.

It takes adjustment, but quality-wise, it’s right at the same as a TE (the smaller Start button I see as a plus, matching the negative of it being ‘not Sanwa’), at less financial cost.

Now, for the OP, I’m glad you made your decision. I made my recommendation thinking this was going to be your first arcade stick, and I would always recommend an entry-level stick like the SE as a first, rather than have someone buy an expensive one, find out they hate it, and have to take a loss on resale thanks to the market’s demand being well-satisfied in recent years.

i feel want u guys are talking about me myself im 6’3" and 245 lb. and i have hands as chicken breast .and my hands almost consumes the whole damn arcade stick. and it took me months to get accurate with my old stick. but it was worth it. i cant go back to a ps3 controller

Get a custom from nitewalker those sticks are massive.

At 6’0" and 140 lbs you cold grease the bottom of the stick and it isn’t going anywhere :wink:
For shits and giggles I am going to make an arcade stick out of either Concrete or Marble and take it to the next major

Good choice, that’s by far my favorite stick. When u get it let me know if you like it.