Mod existing wireless 360 stick to include MC Cthulu



Been looking through the threads all morning and struggling to find an answer. I have an existing SFII Nubytech Anniversary Stick that I modifed for wireless control using the plug n’ play kit.

I’m looking to update it with new buttons and a better stick and I though I might try and dual mod at the same time. I see a lot of projects and a few control boards that bring PS3 and older console compatibility, but all seem to list a wired controller for the 360 section.

Would it be possible to use my existing wireless PCB and hook it into the MC Cthulu (or other board)?



ONLY if your Wireless Xbox 360 PCB is Common Ground.
And if it is, you will have to do the Trigger stuff to make that Common Ground, since isn’t to the PCB.

Unless you just want Six Buttons, then you do not have to do the Trigger stuff.


Its an offical MS wireless pad so I guess not. I seem to remember the right directional ground is separate.

Guess I’ll have to rethink and get a common ground pcb.


There are two Wireless Xbox 360 Controller from Microsoft.
One is not Common Ground, one is Common Ground.

Yours is not.

This you want.


Yes, just opened up the stick and the the pcb in diagram 5 is what I have. Will look for another pad.

Thanks for help me out.