Mod for "DOOM II: Hell On Earth"


I’ve made a mod for “DOOM II: Hell On Earth” (1994) - it’s called “DOOM & DOOM II”.

Check it out here;

How does it look? :slight_smile:

Sorry to be harsh, but this is the most underwhelming Doom II mod I’ve played in the past 5-6 years. As you might have guessed, the Doom II mod scene is strong at That said, I’m something of an aficionado when it comes to these things.

If Vynce says it’s bad than that’s all I need to know really.

Disappointing on so many levels


Please elaborate a little!

That one part (8 minutes or so in- you know the one) made me wonder why I even started playing Doom II in the first place. I don’t know, man.

WADs aren’t for everyone.


I was very confident in this, and this feedback is like being caught with my pants down.

Why wasn’t this any fun for you?

I’m sorry, man. It’s hard to articulate in a way. That said, “underwhelming” and “terrible” are worlds apart. Worlds.

I’d even concede that your Everyman Doom II fanatic might rather enjoy this. But it’s like we’ve always said, SRK is basically a DII forum filled with people that have a passing interest in fighting games.

I just don’t understand your feedback on it and it has me genuinely curious.

The game starts in a slow pace, but picks up quickly already in the first level and the second level is all-out action and carnage and bloodbaths.

I just can’t see what I could attribute “underwhelming” to. Is it because it doesn’t have the special effects made famous by “Brutal Doom”?

@angelpalm there’s no way you saw this without trying it. Put into words what I can’t.

Are you serious?

All I’m asking is an explanation for why you felt underwhelmed.

By all means, I won’t try to force you into writing something when you clearly don’t feel like it, but I’m caught a little by surprise and naturally wanted to know what the source of your disappointments were, and where I failed because this is not meant to be enjoyable to the “Everyman DOOM-fan”, but quite the contrary, as I’ve gotten a strong distaste for the direction that DOOM wads have taken.

As a Zeppelin fan, if you ask a guy why he prefers the Stones, are you going to get a satisfactory answer? You can talk about riffs and rhythm until you’re blue in the face, but…

That’s a pretty big middle finger right in my way, dude.

The Rolling Stones are an incredible band, IMO. They just aren’t Zeppelin. I’m not trying to put your work down, man. I just didn’t want to pretend it was my cup of tea.

lmao :rofl:

Welcome to SRK.

This really should be in the Doom 2 subforum.

this thread is amazing.

I’m confused as fuck… from the “sounds” of it, SRK is BIG into Doom 2… for some reason.

First time I hear about this.

If it was any other thread of some guy making a “mod” it would get shut down so fast, you would never see it coming. But apparently Doom 2 is different and now everyone is standing back, trying to figure out if this is for real or not, before proceeding to shut this thread down.


Have your fun, but from “lols” to serious; there’s the link in the first post if anyone wants to have a closer look. It’s meant to be a lot of fun so don’t be shyin’ away if you have some interest in FPS’ or even just action-games.