Mod madcatz PS3 arcade stick to work on 360?

Does anyone know how I can mod my PS3 madcatz SE stick to work on a xbox 360? I have seen guides on how to mod the 360 stick to work on ps3 but not the other way around. I’m looking for a guide on how to do this!

So is the ps360 what I need?

While there is a solution for getting a PS360 working on an SE, no. They are sold out anyway and would not be surprised if they don’t come into stock by Christmas.

You need a Madcatz Fightpad or WWE Brawlpad and either a DPDT switch or a imp board, and to carefully read everything in that dual modding 101 thread.

Yes all of it. And all of it carefully.

That or find somebody to pay $60 labor plus parts to do it for you.

No, the PS360 is not what you need.
You need Xbox 360 Controller; either Mad Catz from GameStop, or Mad Catz FightPad/BrawlPad.
And you will need an Imp to control the USB Data Lines, or use a physical switch, a DPDT Switch to switch Consoles.

You have to read everything.
And I mean everything.

All the links in this Thread.
And all the links in the Threads linked in this Thread.
You will see a lot of non-working links in the Dual Mod 101, because of the recent SRK update.

I’ve heard numerous stories about PS3 sticks going berserk after they’re dual modded. Aka, start button begins panicking like crazy. I’d highly suggest against modding a PS3 TE stick. Plus, I’m a victim of it myself. I just went and bought a separate 360 stick. It’ll last longer.

I bought myself a ps3 te solely to dual mod - I already had an xbox one. It took a while to read the modding 101 thread, and I also looked at Phreakazoid’s site, as he has a couple of really good examples of how he’s routed his ps3 -> xbox dual mods.

I am here to tell you that it is worth the time spent reading and understanding. Also worth drawing out what is going to be connected to what - proper planning prevents piss poor performance, after all!

Also, you’ll notice that both guys came back with the same method for a reason - I got a madcatz fightpad and wired that with an imp to the ps3 part of the board. It’s a simple enough mod to do…

As to the guy above - I’ve only seen crazy buttons happen when people don’t power both boards, or its not wired quite right. Not saying you personally haven’t done it right, just that’s my experience thus far!

I’ve never heard about this story…