Mod Note: Don't be ugly: no thread hijacking

There’s only two rules: don’t be random and don’t be ugly. Clearly hijacking actually useful important threads with release date talk violates that set of rules. Those posts have been removed.

I would like to keep the Pacific Northwest Majors thread in particular as clean as possible. If you want to talk about stuff at my house, do it in the ‘preppy’s party thread’. If you want to talk about your NGBC fetish, do it in the “we need more nw players to play NGBC” thread, and so on.

We have plenty of threads. If you have some random question, create a new thread or hijack one that doesn’t seem actually really really useful.

I like that the ball is getting rolling again on the tourney scene. Don’t get in the way of that. <3

Thank you,
All my love,
-Your Friendly Mod

the conversation in that one thread was kinda done anyway, though.

However, I see what you mean and agree 100%!

Can a mod delete raishinken and Rairu’s posts from the MBAC thread:
I managed to find a few MBAC players thanks to it, so activity should be picking up soon. ^ ^

^-- That’s an ugly request that should have been handled by PM to the mod (me) if at all.

That’s not thread hijacking. That’s just people you need to convince that MBAC is good.

The Mod Hammer™ is to be used sparingly. There’s a massive difference between thread hijacking and jokes. There’s a big difference between jokes and trolling/flamebaiting. Using The Mod Hammer™ in THAT capacity would be very ugly. Please don’t ask for things like that: I’m going to say no.

You know ugly when you see it. Those jokes among twenty “We need more blahblah” threads… O_o … wtf cares? =)

can mandel or i get a trademark hammer?

Sorry but it’s something of a regular occurrence in any mbac thread that has been made in the past.
It’s usually the same group of people who post the negative replies too.


USE PMs FOR YOUR PMS. (AKA: Quitcherbitching.)

Negative non-flamebait non-troll comments are still on topic. Mods aren’t here to coddle you. We do not have a supply of apple juice, graham crackers, and nap mats to ensure that everyone is well rested and huggy.

Of the 10 “We need more xxx” threads, 6 had derisive comments. I looked to see if you were being unfairly picked on. You weren’t. Grow up. We’re in a gaming scene - you should be used to people frowning on your activities. Believe in yourself. If not, don’t talk to me, go out and get a puppy.

You created a “We need more Melty Blood” thread AFTER that meme was entirely played out and people had gone past the joke “we need more” threads and into the meta “We need more pu$$y” joke threads. Wow. Don’t fucking bitch publicly (TRY PMS) if your played out thread gets small innocuous negative comments.

I will endeavor to ensure that everyone only likes Melty Blood and that more helpful comments like “I will only support this if Melty Blood is part” are posted. Clearly it’s that positive friendly mindset that warmly embraces the interests of others. I cannot imagine why those you spurn like that would ever make small tiny joke comments about Melty Blood.

Grow a pair.

I support you and your interests. I do not support what I construe as public whining. I’m clearly not going to do anything about it (there’s nothing wrong with what you pointed out), so an effective communication strategy would be to talk to THEM (useful) or maybe to PM me (useless). Your current plan fails.

…did you just hijack your own thread?

If laying down the hickory switch of wisdom is wrong, I don’t want to be right.