Mod Opportunities


I noticed someone is selling 2 different dual-modded MAS sticks on ebay, that may need some exterior work.
I wasn’t sure where to post this, so have mercy on my soul if I chose unwisely. Are we allowed to post links to auctions and the like if they are for parts, etc?
I don’t know the person selling the MAS sticks, but I rarely see them auctioned & immediately thought someone here may be interested.


You can’t do any actual selling on Tech Talk, that what the Trading Post is for. Yes the Trading Post allows for eBay threads.

What is allowed on Tech Talk is links to stuff you are not selling but it is on eBay.

For Example: I Found X on eBay, can anyone tell me more about it the Link is www dot ebay dot com / stupid junk (or what ever the url is)
This is also fine with various online stores that you have a question about some item or if someone has a question where to find something and you provided the Link.

The Best parts of a MAS stick is the Exterior and case, if that is junked I don’t know what to expect.