Mod or send in SFIV SE?

I’ve been having some problems with my SFIV SE stick :mad:. Some of the buttons stick sometimes if you press them from the very bottom and my fierce punch button always sticks if you press it from the bottom.

Also I’ve been having minor joystick issues like sometimes if I roll from downback to down then to forward balrog will do his buffalo headbutt instead of a over head punch. (meaning it thinks im pressing up)

Should I send it in to madcatz or do you think madcatz is shit and I’ll just get another one that will eventually have the same problems? Or should I open it up and replace the buttons and joystick with sanwa buttons and joystick (i heard those are good?) But I’ve never modded a joystick before. However I have opened up a lot of electronic devices for repair/modding so I have minor experience.

enjoy. and yes mod it.

mod it… madcatz will just fix the already terrible parts…

Okay so I need to buy Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons and Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable from correct? I’m not sure what parts are good and will work with the SE fight stick.

March 2009 members do not represent the Jan-Feb 09 members. Just for clarification.

If you go to the LL page it says right on the items which ones are drop in replacements. Super cool of them to do that, it takes all the guesswork out for you.

Mod it! madcatz will probably replace it with other faulty parts!

i second that. i made my first stick with the instructions found on slagcoin’s site and didn’t post any dumb questions. it’s amazing what reading can do, but i digress.

to answer OP’s question, mod it. it takes 10 mins and all you need is a philips and a flathead.

Okay I’ve thought of another scenario. I can still return it to amazon and get all my money back. Would it be better deal if I did that and bought, say, a hori real arcade pro? Note: I will probably never mod it because of the soldering involved. Or would you guys think it would still be better to buy the sanwa parts for my SE?

Dude a modded SE kicks freakin’ ass, but do what you want. If you can FIND a Hori at a decent price, go for it. Good luck with that though. Have you even shopped around lately for one? You’re not going to find one for under 130 (The price of a modded SE).

The SE is a solid case, artwork looks good on it. Soaks up Vinyl dye real well if you want to paint it. Has turbo, a really cool headset port compared to the Hori and is a hell of a lot more portable (I happen to like the smaller case).

Up to you to decide.

If you can part with it for a while, I’d say send it in, try to get it fixed, and mod it later if that’s still not satisfactory. Make them eat some money for selling us these pieces of crap. At worst, then even if you mod it you’d have a working backup, rather than a broken backup.

If you don’t mind waiting, I say let Mad Catz repair it. My SE stick came last week and had no problems. I don’t know if I was just lucky or that there is some new batch of sticks.

The stock parts are fairly decent, I think its a waste to mod it and dump the bad parts vs getting it repaired and having a spare set.

Mine came in great condition and was working great but a few days ago (after ive had it for a couple of weeks) it started screwing up. So yeah I think I’ll mod it


without a doubt… mod it…
my first SE fightstick failed within 5mins of taking it out of the box (ryu permanent crouch in training mode), with the MC parts… replaced with sanwa parts… 20 hours plus of gametime and counting, and not one failure…

im picking up my second SE stick tomorrow… taking it out of the box and installing the extra set of sanwa parts in it…

the MC chasis, wiring and connectors are GTG… its the actual MC buttons and joystick which are fisher price parts…

I order my Sanwa parts from Lizard about 3 weeks ago and i still haven’t received them yet. I can’t wait too. My joystick doesn’t work when I try to crouch.

mod the sucker. I just modded mine an hour ago with sanwa parts. The new sanwa buttons and stick are WAYYYYYY better.

Mod it. Either by fixing the issues yourself or replacing the parts.

I decided to send my stick in to madcatz and THEN mod it after they fix the problems. I just wanted to make sure the PCB was not the problem with mine, but boy do I wish I would have kept my stick and modded it. They’re just going to replace my broken crappy stick with another one of the same…

I’m getting impatient

The reason why they used QD’s is so when you buy i the stick , you bring it home and mod it before you even use it. IMO, they know there patrs are garbage, if the first set failed what makes you think the next set wont? Seeing as they will be the same parts. I would never have sent mine back , I would have spent my wait time , waiting for a new set of buttons and a stick , from LL, not waiting for madcatz , to temporarily fix you problem.