***MOD please close this thread*** Need HELP: Modded Hori T5 stick, but directionals does not work


Ok, so I just finished modding my T5 stick with a new JLF and buttons. All of the buttons work except for the joysticks… it’s not outputting any directions.

I used this tutorial when modding the T5: forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/40330/hori-t5-modding-tutorial/p1 . The tutorial explained the T5’s PCB wires and their specific directions:

The JLF did not come with a 5-pin wiring harness, so I bought one from Focus Attack. It is stated on their product page that the RED wire is the GROUND, not the BLACK wire like the official Sanwa’s harness, so I did my wiring according to their info:

My setup is based on the first picture (upper left) of this diagram:


So yea I’m a little confused. Focus Attack says their harness’s RED wire is for GROUND, but in the diagram the BLACK is GROUND and the harness that they sent me looks exactly like that one in the diagram, with BLACK as GROUND.

So can anybody tell me how I should do my wiring? Do it based on the diagram or Focus Attack’s?


Where is the web link for the harness from FocusAttack you got?




There’s either something wrong with your wiring or the harness. Regardless of how you connect the harness at least one direction will be registering.


Take clear pictures and show us.


I will update with a picture soon because I just figured out that I will have to rewire everything according to the diagram.


Thank you for your input guys, but I got it fixed. Turns out that, from checking the inside of the crimped terminal, the PCB’s ground wire was disconnected. So I re-stripped, crimpted, and reconnected. Now it’s all working.

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