Mod please close

Please close.

Oh man. Get the hype train arollin.

ok, so it looks like HDR is on 360 now, and the entry fee for that went up to $10.

Yes sir. We feel HDR is equal to SF4. Console change was due to player feedback.

gg 2 ez. free money for me.

No CVS /sadface.

Party going down during the tourney in the parking lot with me and my friend Jack Daniels.

Just to let everyone know, I’m comming to this in a full blown canadian tuxedo equipped with no homo level Jorts. Please act accordingly.

I will allow this.

I got the Tekken 6 bundle. Is the wireless control legal in tournament? That’s about it.

Ok if we can get 20 people to enter HDR i’ll add $100 dollars for the 1st place winner. Thats 100 cold hard cash to the WINNER of HDR…


U serious???!?!?!

oops read march insted of may lol cool shit. hope this gonna be big.

OFFICIAL TITANS OF TAMPA 2 TOURNAMENT THREAD!!! Please pre-register and save money for the strippers

No strippers, It’s all about jorts and mullet haircuts.