Mod SE Fightstick help LED and Seimitsu ps-14-k

Hi guys I’m new to modding my stick and after reading some of your posts and watching youtube videos i still have some questions left unanswered and was hoping someone can help me out.

  1. can i use the ps-14-k with the uila S led lights? i know it’ll work for ps-14-kn but just wanted to be sure
  2. is sparky the only thing i need other than the led lights?
  3. how do i add ball-top? i know i need a hollow shaft and a 5mm led light and a small gadget that prevents wire tangling. am i missing anythign else?
  4. lastly, i’m modding a SE fightstick and was wondering is there a way to make it into a 6-button mod without making weird hole shapes under my art? i know theres a quanba hole cover but i dont want to put that on top of my art.

Thanks for your help! really really appreciate it!

please help out :slight_smile:

I can answer number 3

Currently there is no RGB controller for balltop, so you can get resistor and LED for balltop and connect to VCC, I would suggest to get 3mm led for balltop (It just fits better)

thanks for answering what is a resistor tho? what kind should i be using

someone told me to use 100ohm.
you can also use fdwidget to controll the balltop led. so when you move the stick led will light up. when not moving it is off.
if you use FGWidget you dont need resistor.

I see does that mean i have to use either the fdwidget or the resistor? i can’t jsut directly connect the led lights to the power?

i think it will burn out the led eventually.

i see sorry for bothering you but last question what do i do with the resistor? do i merely put it on the cable of the wire or install it somewhere?

and is it one per button or just 1 resistor is enough…? sorry and thank you!!! you’ve been really really helpful!

you put it between led and vcc.

question 3 was only for balltop. if you are going to do the buttons use uilas amd sparky jr from
you dont need to use resistora for buttons if you use those two items

PS-14-K, no.

Sparky is LED Controller.
Needed if you want full RGB effects.
If you want basic colors, and basic Light on Press, then not needed.

3mm LED for Balltop is better.
Sparky only does Buttons, so you need to do Balltop separate.

FGWidget LED Controller does Balltop.
Will light up when you move the Joystick.

Or you can wire up the LED to Balltop to just be on all the time.

Just do not cut the other two holes if you want 6-button.

Resistor depends on your LED specs and power source.
Use an LED Calculator to find out.

FGWidget LED Controller has Resistors included to the Buttons and Balltop.
If you do without LED Controller, Resistor is needed for Balltop.

If you connect LED directly to power, it will always be lit.
It will not react to Joystick movement.
Just always on.

If no Resistor is used, then LED will burn out from too much Current.

Resistor goes inline with the LED Anode or Cathode.
Anode is cooler.


Resistor per LED.