mod thoughts

There’s a lot of stuff cracking right now, so here’s my thoughts on what’s sticky and what’s not:

  • the tourneys/official-ish events coming up next are stickied for each region
  • the generally useful “where arcades are” thread is stickied

The “get to know a negro better” thread is our best thread, but … I don’t want a thousand stickies. The Portland Roster thread also seems like a good start. The Evo Thread is probably next in line to be stickied, and I’ll sticky that after the 21st.
There’s not enough information in the GameCrazy thread for me to care. Plus, hey, unofficial.
The Crackheads & the PDX gAMING night & my gaming nights aren’t official enough for me to sticky, plus, hey, alreadys lots of stickies.

I’d be OK with stickying more things, but I don’t want to overwhelm the forum with stickies.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Pardon me, but can I get my stickies stickied? I’d like my stickies to be more sticky than the other stickies. Perhaps sticky-icky-icky?

Have you seen the tournament announcement thread? It almost defeats the purpose.

Post your thoughts on the Super Bowl Zach.

can you guys help me grow a beard?


this whole being asian thing makes it hard to grow a beard.


Sticky the threads that are useful but are most likely to not to be posted in often.

You don’t need to sticky threads like the “get to know a negro better” and etc. because they are pretty active and generally won’t fall too far in the listing.

I think we are cool as is, my thread is bombarded with randomness so it is always somewhat active.

Yo Zach is there anyway we could possibly archive the Negro thread, just in case ANYTHING were to ever happen?

Also what can we do to unban joshywashington (the documentary/interviewer guy)

Did he violate terms and stuff by posting in a lot of threads?

I’d hope to see this reverse, cause all he was doing was just lettting people know about the clip.

How long is he banned for? He definitely was spamming it everywhere:

I will typically never even begin thinking about asking for an unban until somebody has sat on the bench for a week. I’m always going to give the punishing mod the benefit of the doubt, plus that lets any anger go away hopefully.

Try this:

So will you sticky the Portland Roster thread I made? I think it would be good to sticky it because it would keep randomness out of it. People will quit posting randomn stuff just to keep it from falling down. It’s just a player directory so there’s really nothing interesting other than contact info that can be kept basic & clean. It seems to have proven valuable for us in getting to know the local members, but I’m sure there will be more newcomers soon & it would be a valuable tool for new members in our area.

We already have a lot of stuff stickied. I don’t want to have eight stickies, I think that makes the forum less useful for new threads. I’m willing to be outvoted, though.

Less is more.

Less stickies the better. I also don’t like when there’s like ten sticky’d threads.

He had emailed me and wanted to see what can be done about the ban. Also he seems to be interested in doing more film projects about Team Seattle, and Evolution. I had mentioned to him about the gathering on the 20th, but was going to try to see if the ban could get lifted on him. So is there anything that can be done or is abee-abee-abee-abee-that’s all folks?

How LONG is he banned for? :smile:

He’s banned for a year.

Wow, that’s a tad excessive :xeye:

The moral of that story is that you don’t post your video in every subforum on SRK as it makes people Hulk-angry. :smile:

A whole year?! Sorry that is pretty harsh, especially since it was a video about the fighting game community, and for a game that is receiving a lot more hype to those not in the fighting game community.

Kinda ironic, they banned him, then put his story on the front page of srk…

But zach is it cool if I give him ur address? I think he really wants to come out on the 20th.