Mod Turbo and Guide LEDs to Button Presses and Stick Direction

Is there an alternative to link Guide and Turbo LEDs to stick movements and button presses respectively, other than the Kitty board?

In particular, to a XBox 360 MadCatz Round 2 TE stick with a ChimpSMD board and LockSwitch++ mod. I.e. is it possible to upgrade the ChimpSMD somehow to incorporate this functionality?

Easily? Swap out for a Kitty.

Getting the LEDs to light up with the button presses isn’t hard really, but would require soldering. If you take a peek at the labelling on the LED board in your TE, you should be able to easily identify the pins on the ribbon cables that go with what button; those eight are all ??Button, Like blahblahRT, blahblahLB, blahblahX, etc.
For each one of those, connect one leg of a resistor (1k ohm is a safe bet, and I think what I use on the Kitty) to that ribbon cable pin.
Connect the other leg of the resistor to a diode (N4148 are cheap and can still be bought at Radio Shack), specifically the leg that does NOT have the band on that end.
Connect the other leg of the diode (the end with the band) to your signal line for that button.
So in ascii art:
(blahblahRT pin on LED board)---------(resistor)------(diode)|----RT signal
That RT signal is the same one you also have going to the Chimp for that button.

Doing Guide is a bit different. You could do the same type of thing with the four guide LEDs and the four directions, but you couldn’t make ‘up’ be both top LEDs, and only one LED for diagonals without some additional complicated hardware.

Thanks a lot Toodles!

Exactly what I was looking for. Just two noob questions.

  1. Given that the resistor-diode pair is directional, which wire (top or bottom row) do I piggy-back RT signal onto, from button distribution board? Or does it not matter as long as it just corresponds to one going to Chimp?

  2. Regarding Guide, you eluded to the LEDs being bijective, does that also exclude having the 4 Guide LEDs corresponding only to the respective diagonals? i.e ‘up’+‘left’ = Guide1; ‘up’+‘right’ = Guide2;…; etc.
    (Guide1 pin on LED board)------(1k ohm R)------(diode)------(‘up’ and ‘left’ signal, same as those going to Chimp)
    (Guide2 pin on LED board)------(1k ohm R)------(diode)------(‘up’ and ‘right’ signal, same as those going to Chimp)


Would the LED board identify [‘up’ + ‘left’] and [‘up’ + ‘right’] as separate signals? Would the Guide 1&2 (upper hemisphere) activate for ‘left’ or ‘up’ or ‘right’? Is this foolish signal forking and piggy-backing going to fry something…? ::nervousgrin::

  1. If you’re connecting to the signal points at the distrobution board, you want to connect it at the QD in the middle; the QDs on the edge opposite the ribbon connectors are all ground (or KGND for TE-S). But honestly, you should do this work on the underside of the main TE board since that is where the LED signals and button signals are closest to each other physically.
  2. You have four signals/inputs (the stick directions), and four LEDs/outputs (the LEDs). Anything other than a 1:1 mapping would require some serious leg work, and at best a couple of logic chips. Im sorry, but I can’t help with that part. You could wire up a diode (no resistor for Guide LEDs. there’s already one on the LED board) between Guide1 and Up, Guide2 and Right, Guide3 and Left, Guide4 and Down, but then the LEDs will be skewed 45 degrees counterclockwise. Guide 1 to left, Guide 2 to Up, Guide3 to down, Guide4 to Right would work as well, but skewed 45 degrees clockwise. Im sorry, but I can’t help anything more complicated than that.