Mod Xbox Hori Tekken 6 Wireless Fightstick


For those of you specifically searching for how to Modify the Xbox Hori Tekken 6 Wireless Fightstick

Here is my first modified stick. My goal was to have a wireless, power controlled switchable 4 to 8 way directional fight stick, so I used an Xbox Hori Tekken 6 Wireless Fightstick as my base. Got all my parts from ebay, focus attack and Ultimarc and then I had to figure out how to modify the case to get everything to fit properly. The final product came out exactly as I had hoped. This joystick is perfect for switching between my favorite games like Donkey Kong and Street Fighter. Anyhow, Hope you guys enjoy. Please give me some feedback.

Here’s a list of the parts I used

  • Ultimarc ServoStik - Powered 4 to 8 Way Switching (Sanwa JLW)
  • Sanwa OBSC-30 Translucent 30mm and 24mm Buttons
  • L298N Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Controller
  • Three-Way Toggle Switch
  • Two-Way Toggle Switch
  • 9V Battery

I Attached the JLW stick by removing the base plate that came with the joystick, and simply mounting it directly to the Hori Joystick Metal Base Plate

Here’s the innards, The inside of the stick is very crowded with little to no extra room. The added Stepper Motor, Servo, and 9V Battery take up a lot of space, so I had to improvise and try out a few different configurations. Here is the final result. I had to put the stepper motor on a piece of cardboard that flips up as this was the only configuration that would fit inside the controller. I used 3M tape to mount the cardboard to the case and screwed the Stepper Motor into the cardboard.

Close up of the Servo 4 to 8 way switchable setup

Stepper Motor and switch setup

Flaps closed and ready to button up

Here is a side shot of the toggle switches I have installed to control the servo. You simply flip the switch up for 8 way direction or down for 4 way direction. Push the button to activate the servo.

Also a very great modification was to add some rubber feet to prevent the controller from slipping. So I bought these stick-on rubber pads from Lowes

Video on the servo in action

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Hi Gumba, may you tell me, where did you find the template for the hori wireless stick tekken 6?
I would love to make two custom graphics on the facetops of my two sticks. I realy would appreciate your help to find it :wink: Also if there is anything else i should know or to take care of;-)

Pretty nice work by the way;-) it looks realy awesome, the painting is sweet, too;-) well done;-)

Looking forward for your feedback



Tiger81, I had to create my own template. You can find it here:

As you can see above, the sticker I have on the fight sticks now, is not the same size as the original.

I simply laid my sticker on top of the metal back plating portion of the fight stick and scored around the edges with a plastic pen to remove the portion of the sticker that was hanging off the edge.

And that’s really it. Good luck


Hi Gumba213,

i realy appreciate your fast reply;-)

thx a lot for your pretty helpfull link of the template and your detailed description how to do it.

If everything works out like i scheduled, i am goining to have a wireless double rocker cabinet with rechargeable induction batteries;-) and the hori cases are goining to run via the USB circuit boards of the double rocker, just won’t leave 'em as an residual cargo;-) that is the only reason why i do need this template;-)

So a lot of work to do;-) but still w8ing 4 parts;-/

I will post some pictures of my finished sticks, but it will take a while, especially the induction batterie mod is going to be expensive, i will need four Wii Controllers, induction batteries and two loading docks;-)

Thx for your support and inspiration and please excuse my bad english;-)

Greetz from Düsseldorf



Beautiful work there. That Hori wireless is a neat stick sometimes. I’m always torn between loving and hating it.

Awesome skills Gumba213.


I’m pretty sure with the help of a dremel and some hot glue, a better mounting solution than that cardboard can be made.