Mod your Stick of Joy at West Coast Warzone: January 14, 2011

We would like to get a head count of people that need to get some modding done. Dual Mods, Triple mods, repairs, maintenance, replacement part installs, etc on their joysticks. If you didn’t make it to So Cal Regionals last time, we were there full force as J&J So Cal Modding. This time around, we may have a celebrity modding guest. Mr… Gummowned himself AKA the King of Modders. From such classics as the NES/SNES Hacks and lego joystick! [media=youtube]yrZzhB8d2xw[/media]

Event date is January 14, 2011. We need a good estimate and if you sign up now, then you’ll have priority at the event for modding services. Deadline for priority and advanced orders will be Sunday, January 9, 2011. We want to make sure that we have your parts on hand when you need them! Last event, we had to turn a couple people away because we simply had enough on our plate for the evening. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post or message Gummowned or jdm714.

You can also locate us at:

360->PS3 support

PS3 TE-> 360 Madcatz Controller (Over Panel) + Manual DPDT Switch

360 fightpad with PS3 Support (ChImp PCB)

Custom sticks

Current Reserved Spots

  1. aggro crag – TE with multi console mod/RJ45.
  2. HadoukenMD – Xbox 360 TE Dual Mod for Sunday
  3. TheZombieDeviant – LED with Seimitsus on Arcade In A Box Stick
  4. Shirts – Xbox 360 TE Dual Mod
  5. markman – Chun Li TE with dual mod and super wiring
  6. Hung – Xbox 360 TE dual mod on Saturday
  7. Kirrus – Tekken 6 mod with sanwa jlf

reserved for me :slight_smile:

Would you be able to put a ps2 pcb into an empty box?

PlayStation Controllers are better than PlayStation 2 Controllers.

Can you guys mod a Tekken LE stick? I just want some new buttons. Also you need a triwing screwdriver to get it open, hopefully you guys have one of those.

Jnana, referring to the LE stick, do you mean the wireless? I should have a couple tri-wing bits around here somewhere. The PCB has to be de-soldered from the stock buttons. Do you already have the buttons?

pherai, we’ll most likely drop in a PS1. Most PS2 controllers were not common ground and more difficult to mod. Do you have the parts? Or do you need us to supply the parts?

Just wondering. Can you make a Wii joystick? Not worth it now but maybe 8 months ago:(

I mean make the TE compatible with Wii, PS3, and Xbox at the same time.

Yes, by adding a PiiWee and ChImp to Xbox 360 TE.
Yes, by adding a PiiWee and FightPad or #4716 and Imp to PlayStation 3 TE.

I have an SE fight stick, and the RT and LT trigger buttons go out sometimes. Can you guys fix that?

Also if I have one of the wireless Tekken 6 360 sticks, can you guys swap out the buttons, stick, and art with sanwa buttons and stick if I provide the parts?

It is normal for Xbox 360 FightStick and FightStick Tournament Edition.
It is problem with the Mad Catz PCB itself.
Just got to replace the PCB.

Others say that it is a grounding issue.
But I never tested it out myself.
Never had the problem.

James and I can put in Buttons for sure.
Joystick has a clearance problem.
But can solve with rotary tool.
Or Sanwa/Hori hybrid.

Regarding Art, we do no have printer or laminator.
We do not have adhesive spray.

Situation with Gummowned, I do not know.

We can add a psx pcb to an empty box. Will still work on ps2. A bit more expensive alternative would be to add a MC Cthulhu to get PS2 support, but would also have the option to add other systems like PS3, DC, and GC.

I have a triwing screwdriver, but it is prob too small. I’ve opened those T6 sticks with a flat head screwdriver before though.
Just involves desoldering the buttons from the pcb and grinding off metal tabs in the metal panel. I won’t have buttons with me (don’t think J&J will either) so you will want to bring the ones you want installed with you.

Yes by adding adding toodle’s peewii pcb.

Known issue with madcatz se/te pcbs. Only fix is to replace the pcb.

Gummowned, I think James and I will stock on arcade parts for WCW.
We did it at SCR.

Ah okay.

I might just end up waiting until WCW to get my stick looked at. I don’t use it often enough to really need it fixed right away, that and i’m poor.

Thursday morning bump. Would like to start reserving spots for all you guys that need modding. Also need to order any parts. Please give us a heads up. We’ll need your Full Name, Address, and phone number. Deposits will be required if it’s a special order such as joysticks/buttons/etc.

What would I need to get my PS3 TE dual modded? And how much would it cost me?

I’m really considering this, so I need to make sure I have enough money on me… lol

Hello Krayzie Bone.
It will be $110 to have your PlayStation 3 TE Dual Mod to have Xbox 360 support.

What you need is just your TE.
We will supply the rest.

I would like to get my 360 VLX dual modded with a MC Cthulhu + RJ45 connections for additional consoles. I have the MC Cthulhu ready and will supply it. I also have some console cables I can supply for the RJ 45 mod. Can you guys give me some kind of quote for this service?

Jesus christ…110 for a dual mod???