MoD1ns1d3 way of charge

Hi every one
can any one till me how to do the charge moves fast like MoD1ns1d3 do,am Big fan of him & I know the pre-charge thing but it did`t help me to do the charge that fast like in this video


There’s really not a lot of magic to it. Some of it is technique, some of it is just speed and practice.

The technique is this (instead of holding back then forward + punch): hold back, forward, back+punch (quickly)

That way, by the time the sonic boom comes out, you’re already charging for the next one. And get rid of the “2 seconds” notion from your head…it’s less than a second (50 frames now, I believe…which is 5/6 of a second).

*BTW, it’s not MoD’s way of charging haha. The video was just him demonstrating that the charge time was in fact reduced from vanilla SF4.

I kind of feel like putting a lid on this whole “pre-charging let’s you throw booms faster” notion that’s been around for awhile.

Pre-charging let’s you charge for a boom or flashkick faster after throwing your first boom. That’s the main benefit. This may sound a whole lot like saying “it let’s you throw booms faster” but in reality, it doesn’t… because while you start to charge for your next boom sooner you still end up throwing it later than you normally would.

Pre-charging is not at all a bad thing, mind you. However, I really think that when trying to throw booms as fast as possible, more attention should be paid to spending as little time in the forward position as possible and trying to get as close to that 50 frame window as possible, and not over-charging… both of which really just take Guile playing time to learn.

How the hell he went from down forward FADC and then juggled with the sonic hurricane… it seems impossible

When you dash you let go of back, how do you keep your charge?

Ya thats my question from that video as well.

Simple. Right after you pushed the kick button, down back, up back HK, FADC, SH. :china:

df+hk > db > ub+k xx fadc ~ sonic hurricane

you have the charge for flash kick when you’re holding down so you can charge it both downforward+hk and downback and still keep charge.
immediately after the startup of GHK, you go to downback and then juggle the GHK with flash kick because you want to build the back ultra charge.
since you went back right after GHK, you have enough back charge for ultra, so you just FADC the FK and ultra it.

This has to have been explained before. It’s a very common punish for guile…

also slinkun is right. You can’t throw a boom faster than you can charge it. After you release the boom, the charge starts again, it isn’t retroactive. Pressing holding charge, then forward and back+punch only makes sure that you will be charging the frame that charge is being counted again.

Read This Article by Maj on Sonic Hurricane

Pre-charging really should’ve been debunked a long time ago.

Everyone knows how to do precharge sonic booms (db > f > db + punch). The question isn’t on how to precharge but rather how to apply precharging correctly in battle.

Let’s take a look a Mod’s video more closely as to how he’s pulling sonic booms with single inputs and break it down from there. We’ll use the combo starting at 0:15. Deep Jump in HK > xx lp sonic boom > xx lp sonic boom > fwd+hp.

Jump in HK has a huge hitstun so you can stall it up a frame. xx lp sonic boom (precharge method used here). Also note that lp sonic boom has a +10 frame advantage on hit. has a four frame startup which means right after the first lp sonic boom, you can actually wait a few frames before hitting the second and cancelling into another sonic boom. Also, hits on the 5th frame so you can actually wait a few frames before cancelling into another boom.

Ultras have 26 frames of leniency input;

Where did you get that info from? I’m sorry don’t mean to doubt you. Just curious.


AFAIK E.Honda cannot backdash > ultra. Guile/Blanka can backdash > ultra but it’s relatively difficult. Characters like Vega/Chun/Bison/Balrog can backdash > ultra fairly easy.

Honda’s backdash is 27 frames, Guile/Blanka is 26 frames, Vega/Chun/etc. all have shorter backdashes, which is why it’s so much easier to do it with them.

I think you don’t have to delay after jump HK because you definitely get enough charge for > SB. I think a trick to make this easier is to cancel the first > SB a little bit faster, like c.lp > SB speed. And then you have to delay the 2nd > SB like you said by a few frames before you actually hit the mp button. The 2nd > SB can also be cancelled a little slower thus giving a few extra frames for charge since has quite a number of frames for cancelling into specials after it hits the opponent. In short, cancelling the first faster and the second slower will make it slightly easier to do this combo.

wow that guy is legit.

Here is a perfect tutorial movie, how to precharge, very simple and easy, but if you never did charging like this, it will def. help you get sbooms faster out.

  • [media=youtube]mARorBkHxt0[/media] -

(EDIT, i didnt read you already know the precharge thingy, well… then basicly its just practice practice and practice… when i knew precharging, i could make the same combos as in the vid above… so my advice is, go hit training)